11/13/2018  Main Office Software Version  6383

A new Communication note type, Falls, has been added to the Communication note types with Main Office software version 6381 and Clinical Point of Care software version 2731 both dated 11/12/18.
A Falls Communication note generated when a patient has a fall can be tracked in the Main office software through the Control Board or the Communication note Listing. Clinicians utilizing the Clinical Point of Care Software can count and review any entered details utilizing the Document log in order to respond to the New OASIS D item J1800 and J1900 related to any Patient falls since SOC/ROC with the corresponding number for Falls with No injury, Injury and Major Injury.

11/12/18 Clinical Software Version 2731

Pennsylvania agencies submitting reports to HHA EXchange to meet the EVV requirements should have Main Office Software Version 6380 dated 11/07/18. The update will include an additional check box in the ANSI 5010 Billing screen when marking the check box to ‘Create an HHA Exchange csv after report prints’ to also mark the ‘V4′ check box. The V4 is the latest output format version that is currently required.

Agencies receiving errors when accessing the Employee database in Main system HHC 3000 software will need the most current software version 6379 dated 11/07/2018.

Agencies will need Main Office software version 6365 dated 10-3-2018 or later when running the Payroll 941 Liability Report. Updates have corrected the report output for employees who have made more than $84,900 in 2018.

Agencies will need Main Office Software Version 6362 dated 10-01-18 prior to submitting any OASIS XML files to CMS for OASIS Assessments with a M0090 date of 10-01-18 or later to ensure the updated HIPPS Version is applied.

Agencies must ensure they are using Main Office Software Update Version 6359 or later and Clinical Point of Care Software Users must have Version 2728 to receive the updated ICD 10-CM code set that will be effective as of October 1, 2018.
The stated version updates will also include the new Grouper Version for OASIS due to the ICD 10-CM code set update.

Set Up, Tracking and inclusion on Pay Stubs of Payroll Accrual of Sick time is available with Main Office Software Version 6360 dated 09/19/2018 or later.
In Payroll/ Set Up/Other Payroll Set Up/Payroll Rates tab, Payroll sick pay accrual, agencies must complete the Number of Hours to work to accrue one hour of sick pay, Annual maximum accrual hours, System accrual start date, and the check to mark display accrual on pay stubs.
In Services, all services to be included in calculating the number of hours worked should be assigned a payroll category of Regular. Services considered sick pay must have a payroll category of sick pay applied for the software to know hoe many hours of sick time where used and should be subtracted from the accrual balance for an employee.
In Employee/Payroll/W2 tab agencies can enter a prior balance of accrued hours from another tracking system used prior to feature being available in the software. A balance button is available to track an employees current balance.
Annual maximum accrual hours are cumulative. For example, if the annual maximum is 56 hours per year the employee works 2 years without using any hours the employee balance is 112 hours.
The sick time accrual is included when the Payroll register report is generated or on the printed pay stub when payroll checks are generated.

As finalized in Medicare Program FY 2019 Hospice Wage Index and Payment rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements rule in the Federal Register and Medicare Change Request 10573, Hospice agencies will no longer be required to submit details of Hospice medication refills. A summary line item for specific revenue codes is still required. Although, Agencies may still choose to submit detailed medication refills on claims without fear of claim denial.
Injectable medication refill reporting with revenue code 0636 in detail or summary on claims IS NO LONGER REQUIRED.
Non-injectable medication refill reporting for revenue code 0250 is required as a summary line item on claims with the total for the invoicing period. HCPCS or NDC codes will not longer be required. Agencies may continue to import non-injectable medication through the Hospice medication import for continued detailed claim reporting.
IV Pump and IV Pump Medication refills for revenue codes 0294 and 029x will be required as a summary line item on claims. Detailed reporting o f IV pump and IV Pump medication refills on a hospice claim will not be cause for denial.
Agencies are recommended to work with their administration and the agency Hospice Pharmacy related to determining a practice continuing detailed medication refill reporting or a change to summary line items on claims.
Agencies who have determined to report summary line items for non-injectable medication refills, IV Pump and IV pump medication refills will continue to add a Billing Sheet (Hospice Drugs) in the patients activity screen to record a line item entry summarizing the totals for each of the three revenue codes as applicable for each invoice period.

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