03/15/2018  Main Office Software Version  6293

03/13/18 Clinical Software Version 2676

If your agency is experiencing Access Violation errors or previously entered Patient Phone calls are not posting your agency will need the current Main office Software version 6279 dated 02/23/18 or later.
Server based agencies will need to update to the current version in the usual manner.
Agencies accessing the software in the Managed Hosting Environment will need only to exit the software and log back in to receive the current version.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

2018 Federal Tax tables are available with Main Office Software version 6265 dated 01/31/2018.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

Agencies may be receiving a HIPPS Code warning when submitting OASIS XML files to CMS. All Agencies should get the current Main Office software version 6255 dated 01/10/2018. The current software version will correct the issue causing the warning.

The Federal Government has issued a statement that 2017 Tax Tables are to be used until the new 2018 Tax tables are published. This may not be until February 2018. Agencies should ensure they have the most current software version 6248 dated 12/27/17 to continue using the 2017 tax tables. Allegheny Software Publishers will be monitoring daily for the published 2018 tax tables. Please monitor Allegheny Messages. When the new Tax tables have been published and are available with a software update, the information will be posted on Allegheny Messages.

Agencies will need to have Main Office software version 6247 and Clinical Point of Care software version 2643 dated 12-20-17 or later for Medicare and OASIS changes effective January 1, 2018. The software version will contain updates for Medicare PPS billing and OASIS XML file changes for OASIS Version and HIPPS version. The new changes will be reflected for OASIS with a M0090 date of January 1, 2018 or later.

The training video for the Interactive Plan of Care Guide is available.
A new feature, not included in the training video, has been added to the Comprehensive SOC, Recertification and Resumption of Care Assessments for those agencies utilizing the per visit/ nursing interventions available for initiation through the Interactive Plan of Care Guide. A new Import Interventions button is available in the Comprehensive assessment with Clinical Point of Care software version 2643 dated 12-20-17. The button can be found in the Orders/Treatment section of the Comprehensive assessment, Notes tab. The interventions must be initiated/posted and updated with patient specifics through the Interactive Plan of Care Guide prior to posting in the Order notes tab. The Interventions displaying in the Order/Notes tab will be included on the comprehensive assessment print form.

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