Main Software Version Update 6711 dated 08/10/2020.

Cloud Users:  If you are experiencing an issue with the software “freezing” within the Main Software with the main screen transposed over the Activities Grid, this is a known issue that Allegheny Software Programmers are working on.

A work around for this issue is to click on the “HHC 3000″ icon in the lower right corner of the page (see image below).

This will “un-freeze” your screen and allow you to continue working without closing out the software.  This seems to be an issue within the Activities Grid when exiting a document and prior to the Approval screen appearing.

Please contact Allegheny Software for any questions.

Clinical Software Version 2871 07/29/2020

Texas Health & Human Services released Emergency Rules related to COVID – 19 for LTCR Providers on July 1st, 2020. A Home & Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSA) must ensure its staff are screened at the beginning of each workday per emergency rule §558.408 (Emergency Rule for HCSSA Response to COVID-19) Staff are employees, contractors, and volunteers. Staff include attendants, home health aides, hospice aides, health care professionals, and providers of hospice core and non-core services. Staff who do not pass the screen in §558.408 must not remain in the agency for make home visits. An HCSSA must implement the documentation requirements described in this alert by July 22, 2020.

A HCSSA must also ensure a client and the client’s household members are screened before a home visit. They must document that each screening occurred. Based on the Screening, the HCSSA provides services to the client with the protections described in the emergency rule.

Allegheny Software Publishers have added an enhancement within the software to allow for documentation of the COVID-19 screening for both Patients & Employees.

User will select the COVID -19 screenings button on the main screen.
User will then enter the date the screening was performed by entering the ‘Screening Date’, then will also enter the ‘Type of Screening.’ Within the Type of Screening, the user will select either Employee COVID-19 or Patient COVID-19. Once the ‘Type of Screening’ is selected, the user will select the ‘Load’ button. The User will then select the ‘Load All Active’ to get all of their active patient/employees. If the user wants to add a single employee/patient, they would select the ‘+’ button and select the patient/employee from a drop-down. The patient/employee will then display within the grid on the left-hand side of the screen. When the patient/employee is highlighted within that grid, they can perform and document on the COVID-19 screening. The User would then change the status to the appropriate response and select the ‘Approve’ Button.

The User has the ability to print the individual screening out, the ability to print a log of all screenings for a certain patient/employee, or to print a daily log/all patients/employees at one time.

A new PECOS File is available for download as of 06/24/2020

A ‘+’ button was added beside the Attachments Button. This allows the user to add an attachment without having to open up the Attachments folder.

For agencies in select states that are required by CMS to perform the Review Choice Demonstration, and participate in the Pre-claim Review Choice, Allegheny Software has added a 2nd spot for the Pre-Claim Review Choice Authorization number, as each 30-day period within home health will be eligible for review. Users will see these both within the Assessment/View/Changes button, and also within the ‘OASIS Billing Info’ Screen.

This is included in Software Version 6618.

HHC 3000 is currently experiencing a bug within the posting of A/R for Medicare Insurance causing a large contractual allowance amount in the invoice, resulting in a large negative balance in A/R. If your agency is experiencing this, please go into your Insurance Setup, then to UB04/[92] Setup, then to the Services & Supplies Field 42-48 tab. Please check your Contractual Allowance Percentage. If something is in that field, please remove and enter correct information. Allegheny Software will be putting an update out to correct this issue.

02/03/2020 Main Software Version Update 6600 is available for download. If using the Cloud, User may log out and log back into the software to receive update.

The update to main software includes enhancement within the ICD-10 diagnosis drop-down. You will now be able to visualize within the drop-down which diagnosis codes are assigned to one of the 12 Clinical Groups for the Primary diagnosis and/or Comorbidity Groups for the Secondary Diagnoses.

Main Office Software- Version 6592, dated 1/27/2020 will include the following updates/fixes for PDGM Final Claim generation:

-Occurrence code 50 will now display on both the UB04 printouts and electronic ANSI files.
-Final Claim Statement from/through dates will be updated.

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