Agencies submitting electronic W2 forms for Pennsylvania will need Main office Software version 6429 dated 01/25/19 or later. The Electronic W2 format has been updated as required by Pennsylvania.

Set Up, Tracking and inclusion on Pay Stubs of Payroll Accrual of Sick time is available with Main Office Software Version 6360 dated 09/19/2018 or later.
In Payroll/ Set Up/Other Payroll Set Up/Payroll Rates tab, Payroll sick pay accrual, agencies must complete the Number of Hours to work to accrue one hour of sick pay, Annual maximum accrual hours, System accrual start date, and the check to mark display accrual on pay stubs.
In Services, all services to be included in calculating the number of hours worked should be assigned a payroll category of Regular. Services considered sick pay must have a payroll category of sick pay applied for the software to know hoe many hours of sick time where used and should be subtracted from the accrual balance for an employee.
In Employee/Payroll/W2 tab agencies can enter a prior balance of accrued hours from another tracking system used prior to feature being available in the software. A balance button is available to track an employees current balance.
Annual maximum accrual hours are cumulative. For example, if the annual maximum is 56 hours per year the employee works 2 years without using any hours the employee balance is 112 hours.
The sick time accrual is included when the Payroll register report is generated or on the printed pay stub when payroll checks are generated.

A new Security Report is now available in the Main Office software. The new Report can be found in Set Up/ System Security/ Security Reports. The Report is called Document in/Out Date and Time. The report provides an audit trail for every time an employee edits and closes a Comprehensive Visit or Assessment in the software. The report will also total the amount of time spend on each record. The report may be run by Data range and for a specific Employee.

A new data entry field is available in the Employee database HR Events tab at the top of the screen to enter an Employee Medicaid ID with Main Office Software version 6312 dated 05/01/2018 or later. The new field may be used by those agencies where State Medicaid Programs are requiring Employees to obtain Medicaid ID’s. Tracking for any required renewals will continue to be available through HR Events.
The Employee User Defined Listing Report parameter screen contains a check box include any Medicaid ID in the generated report.

Agencies will need to have Main Office software version 6201 and Clinical Point of Care Software version 2611 dated 09/19/2017. Supervisory visits dated 10/01/2017 or later will have enhanced data entry fields. The Supervisory visit will contain three tabs for documentation, Patient response to care, Performance of the Staff person and updates to the Plan of Care. Questions have been reformatted. Additional data entry fields required by new Conditions of Participation effective Jan 2018 have been added. Warnings are also in place for blank responses to items designated as required in the new Conditions of Participation.

Clinicians utilizing the Clinical Point of Care Software in the Managed Hosting Environment may now monitor responses to Notifications sent from the Clinical Point of Care Software from the ‘My Notices’ screen with software version 2582 dated 06/05/2017. In ‘My Notices’ Clinicians will select the new button, ‘Notifications sent’. All notifications sent from a patient’s Control Panel or Authorization Board/Notification section will display in the Notifications sent screen providing efficient monitoring for the receiving clinicians responses. Clinicians may also create a New Notification from ‘My Notices’ by selecting the ‘All Notes’ button. Case Managers may also create a group notification for their Team, as established in the Main Office Software under Employee Teams. Hospice personnel may send group notifications to update the Hospice patient’s Interdisciplinary Group/Team of changes or for notification of patient death.

A new security report is now available in System Security/ Security Reports for tracking software user Log in and Log out by date and time with main office software version 6014 dated 08/23/16.  The must be generated with a parameter specifying a specific employee for a specific date range.

Server based agencies will be able to track Main Office software users Log In and Log Out by date and time.

Agencies accessing the software in the Managed Hosting Environment ( accessing the software through the internet) will be able to track both Main office and Clinical Point of Care user log In and Log out times by date.  Users with a recorded log in time and date and no recorded log out time did not log out of the software prior to closing the internet screen.

Agencies now have the ability to print an Employee 1094-C listing with Main Office Software version 5918, dated 2-25-16.  Upon accessing the ‘W2/1095 Year End’ button in the payroll module, the new 1094-C Employee listing can be selected from the ‘Operation to Perform’ field.  Selecting the Print button will generate the listing.  The 1094-C Employee listing will show the number of employees for each month of the year based upon hire and inactive dates.

Available with Main Office Software version 5903 dated 01/25/2016, the software now has the capability to generate state W2 files in CSV format for eTides.  Agencies will find the option to create the W2 file in the Payroll Module/Payroll Reports/W2 .  In the Report Parameters screen, select the option to, ‘Create State W2 Report.CSVReport/file eTides’.

Enhancements have been made to the Patient Visit Calendar with Main Office Software version 5862 dated 11/10/15 that allow for more efficient manipulation, transfer and assignment of scheduled visits and documentation of Employee contact.

Upon accessing a specific patient’s visit calendar when the patient’s scheduled visits are displayed, a new button displays in the upper right corner labeled ‘Schedules’.  Once selected the screen will display both patient and employee information as well as two grids separating patient and employee scheduled visits.  When the number for a specific date is selected on the Patient Visit Calendar screen, which has been available historically, the new screen will be available with only the scheduled visits for that day displaying on the Patient portion of the screen.  The Employee assigned a scheduled visit will display on the right side of the screen.  If a scheduled visit highlighted in the patient scheduled visits grid has a different employee assigned, selecting the arrow button will convert the employee on the right side of the screen.  The Transfer button available historically remains available in the patient scheduled visits grid.

New features below the Patient scheduled visit grid include a new grid displaying Assigned Employees from the Responsible Employee field on the patient demographics screen, Employees assigned by discipline in the Therapy screen and any employees assigned in the Responsible employee screen for those agencies using the Patient/Employee Filtering.  The patients documented Home Environment , Traits, Home Management and Daily Living are displayed in read only format at the bottom of the screen.

New features below the Employees scheduled visits grid include a grid and fields to document employee contact.  The ‘Add’ button will open screens to document the date of contact, the outcome, and a small memo field for additional comments.  Employees contacts are saved historically in the grid and will also display in Notifications.  The Employee Qualifications, Restrictions and Schedule Availability comments will display in read only format at the bottom of the Employee side of the screen.

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