12/27/19 Main Software Version Update 6571 includes federal tax withholding and social security withholding rates. Update also includes changes related to 2020 W-4 form.

On 12/5/2019, the IRS issued a redesigned 2020 W-4 form. Withholding allowances are no longer used for the redesigned W-4 form. Employees who have furnished Form W-4 in any year prior to 2020 are not require to furnish a new form merely because of the redesign. HHC Update-Version 6568 includes an update to the Payroll Master screen, Federal Withholding Information, W-4-2020. This will allow agencies to enter the updated W-4 information. The actual federal tax withholding calculations will not be updated until 12/31/2019.

Agencies submitting electronic W2 forms for Pennsylvania will need Main office Software version 6429 dated 01/25/19 or later. The Electronic W2 format has been updated as required by Pennsylvania.

Agencies will need Main Office software version 6365 dated 10-3-2018 or later when running the Payroll 941 Liability Report. Updates have corrected the report output for employees who have made more than $84,900 in 2018.

Set Up, Tracking and inclusion on Pay Stubs of Payroll Accrual of Sick time is available with Main Office Software Version 6360 dated 09/19/2018 or later.
In Payroll/ Set Up/Other Payroll Set Up/Payroll Rates tab, Payroll sick pay accrual, agencies must complete the Number of Hours to work to accrue one hour of sick pay, Annual maximum accrual hours, System accrual start date, and the check to mark display accrual on pay stubs.
In Services, all services to be included in calculating the number of hours worked should be assigned a payroll category of Regular. Services considered sick pay must have a payroll category of sick pay applied for the software to know hoe many hours of sick time where used and should be subtracted from the accrual balance for an employee.
In Employee/Payroll/W2 tab agencies can enter a prior balance of accrued hours from another tracking system used prior to feature being available in the software. A balance button is available to track an employees current balance.
Annual maximum accrual hours are cumulative. For example, if the annual maximum is 56 hours per year the employee works 2 years without using any hours the employee balance is 112 hours.
The sick time accrual is included when the Payroll register report is generated or on the printed pay stub when payroll checks are generated.

2018 Federal Tax tables are available with Main Office Software version 6265 dated 01/31/2018.

The Federal Government has issued a statement that 2017 Tax Tables are to be used until the new 2018 Tax tables are published. This may not be until February 2018. Agencies should ensure they have the most current software version 6248 dated 12/27/17 to continue using the 2017 tax tables. Allegheny Software Publishers will be monitoring daily for the published 2018 tax tables. Please monitor Allegheny Messages. When the new Tax tables have been published and are available with a software update, the information will be posted on Allegheny Messages.

The 2017 Federal Tax Tables are now available with main Office Software Version 6059 dated 12/12/16

Agencies now have the ability to print an Employee 1094-C listing with Main Office Software version 5918, dated 2-25-16.  Upon accessing the ‘W2/1095 Year End’ button in the payroll module, the new 1094-C Employee listing can be selected from the ‘Operation to Perform’ field.  Selecting the Print button will generate the listing.  The 1094-C Employee listing will show the number of employees for each month of the year based upon hire and inactive dates.

Available with Main Office Software version 5903 dated 01/25/2016, the software now has the capability to generate state W2 files in CSV format for eTides.  Agencies will find the option to create the W2 file in the Payroll Module/Payroll Reports/W2 .  In the Report Parameters screen, select the option to, ‘Create State W2 Report.CSVReport/file eTides’.

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