A new security parameter has been added to the employee general ledger security setup. It is called “Specific Type of User Restrictions.” Currently there is only one option, “Account Payable Only User.” There may be others in the future. If selected many of the general ledger features and reports will not be available to the employee, and in the transaction screen only vendor invoices and accounts payable checks will appear.

We found a bug in the new 2011 payroll FICA social security rates. Generating the payrolls works properly, but when updating to the G/L the employer expense journal entry was posting the same amount as the employee deduction for 2011. The new employee deduction rate for 2011 is 4.2% but the employer expense rate is still 6.2%.. This error was corrected in version 4697.

Available on version 4569 in a new option for the Vendor Listing to print a list of Vendor names with Fed. Tax ID/EIN information.

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