On the 485, in the Safety Measures, Functional Limitations, Activities Permitted, and Mental Status sections, we added a new “flash” button in the upper right-hand corner.  If pressed, a screen of check boxes for several items that could apply to that section appears.  Simply check the boxes that apply and the post.

HHC3000 Clinical laptop update includes corrections for nbPages errors, and List Index out of Bounds issues when importing from a previous visit note.

The Clinical software will update to version 715 and the Data Transfer Utility will remain at build 711.

We added two new activities to the HHC3000 System; PT Progress Notes and OT Progress Notes.

Available on version 4510 is a new Sort By option on the Patient Register to sort it by the Patient ID number.

A new HHC3000 Clinical laptop software update has been released (version 713) which includes a fix for the M1310 nbframe with no parent window error.

In system overrides in the Misc. tab there is now an option that an OASIS assessment must be locked before it can be checked to send to the state (doesn’t apply to ORYX).  Currently, if not checked the assessment is marked as locked when it is sent to the state if not previously locked.  If the new system override is checked, you cannot check the HCFA box for state submission under the Create OASIS Files option.  In the Create OASIS Files option screen we a displaying the lock date which will be useful to users who wish to use this feature.

In unverified visits there is a new button just above the “OK” button that will let you batch OK all unverified visits shown on the screen.  This new button only appears if an employee or patient is selected.  If the button is pressed then all unverified visits shown will be check marked as OK.  If an employee or patient is not selected, the button does not show.  Version 4508.

In version 4507 we have added a few additional OASIS error checks.   If M1050 is answered as ‘0-No‘ then is M1055 is left blank we will give you an error that M1055 must be answered.  If M0150 is answered as ‘3 – Medicaid Traditional Fee For Service‘ and M0065 [Patient's Medicaid Number] is marked as ‘N/A‘ then we will give you a warning that your M0150/M0065 answers are not consistent.

Note: We are already doing this for the M0150/M0063 [Patient's Medicare Number] combination.

Available on version 4507 is a change to the Patient Meds Sheet.  In the past if you printed the Meds Sheet and put a checkmark in ‘New Medications Only‘ or ‘Changed Medications Only‘ and then didn’t have any new or changed medications it would give an error ‘List Index Out of Bounds‘ – on version 4507 we remove the error and if you put a checkmark in ‘New Medications Only‘ or ‘Changed Medications Only‘ we print the sheet with the words ‘No New Medications‘ or ‘No Changed Medications‘.

Vendor DSS Data has been added to the CAHPS survey vendors.

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