A few of our agencies using our HHC3000 Clinical (Point of Care) software have been reporting issues with the data being transmitted from the laptops (clinical software users) to the HHC3000 software in the Office.

Please update your HHC3000 software (in the office on your server) to version 4567.  This update incudes a new version of the HHCDatapipe (version 731) program which runs on your server and pulls in the upload files sent from the laptops across our ftp site (across the internet).

The field staff using HHC3000 Clinical on laptops also will need to get an update (the fourth option down in their Data Transfer Utility program) which will update them to version 729.

We changed the reports and listings security from 2 levels to 4, which are now: 0 = no access, 1 = access, 2 = listings only, 3 = historical reports only.  Some agencies wanted listing security separate from historical reports security.

An employee calendar, very similar to the patient calendar has been added under employee time sheets.  Several agencies have been requesting this option be added.

Available on Version 4566 – We have added the “Last License Check” Date to the Physician Listing.

As of July 1, 2010 you will no longer be able to use point of origin code (source of admission) B=”transfer from another home health agency”, or C=”readmission to same home health agency.”  Instead, CMS wants you to use condition code 47=”transfer from another home health agency.”  Code C will not be replaced.  Codes B & C have already been removed from the system.

Currently, the only way to enter a condition code for an patient is under patients, insurance, UB04 Info.  This would become awkward to use for PPS billing being that you may want condition code 47 for some OASIS assessments and not for others, for the same patient.

We added a new condition code field under PPS Billing / PPS Billing Information.  If a condition code is entered into this field it will be used only for billing for that OASIS assessment.  Other condition code can still be entered under the patient maintenance.

Available on version 4564 is an additional ‘Signature indicates’ option has been added to the Patient Medication Profile sheet printout.

We previously had a statement that stated ‘Signature indicates review of medications (dose, effect, adverse effect, duplicate treatment, drug interactions, need for patient education, new/changed medications.’

At a customer request, we have added a second option, specifically for Hospice purposes that has ‘associated laboratory monitoring’ in it – so that statement reads: ‘Signature indicates review of medications (dose, effect, adverse effect, duplicate treatment, drug interactions, associated laboratory monitoring, need for patient education, new/changed medications.’

Available on  version 4564 will be four new options on the ‘Communication Type’ dropdown list inside the Communication Note activity.

This is a current list of CAHPS survey vendors we have incorporated into HHC3000 along with contact phone numbers.

Deyta      502-498-2501

DSS Research     800-989-5150  Ext 4148

Fazzi Associates     800-379-0361

J.L. Morgan & Associates     205-408-8774

OCS HomeCare     888-325-3396

Press Ganey     800-232-8032

Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP)     805-963-9446

For a list of all approved survey vendors go to https://homehealthcahps.org/GeneralInformation/ApprovedSurveyVendors.aspx

Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc. has been notified that they an now an approved vendor for electronic submissions of ANSI 837 claims.

J.L. Morgan & Associates has been added to the vendors for the CAHPS survey reporting

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