Available on version 4581 we have added a PECOS Verified Date to the Doctors system setup screen.  We have also added the PECOS Verified Date to the Physicians Listing and given you an option on that report to run it for only those Physicians you do not have a PECOS Verified date for.

Available on version 4579 we have added an Average Number of Days to the bottom of the Hospice Cert Period Length of Stay Report

Available on version 4579 is a requested change to the Hospice Summary Report – we have added a total patient count at the bottom of the report.

Available on version 4579 you now have the ability to look up supplies in the Supply Module (where you create your master list of supplies to be used throughout the software) using either the Supply code or the Supply Description.

We have also added a column to the Supply Inventory Listing to notate is a Supply is ‘Inactive’ (a supply is considered ‘Inactive’ if you have put a checkmark in the ‘Inactive’ field on the supply setup screen).

If you are using SHP (Strategic Healthcare Programs) or DSS Data for your CAHPS survey vendor you will need to need to get the update that will be available tonight after 5:00 P.M.  We had to make changes to the file format.

On the employee weekly schedule report you can now include the patient care items at the bottom of the page for each employee’s patients.

You can now allow an user to view and print PPS Analysis sheets excluding the dollar amounts.  This could be useful if you want a user to see the point determination & scoring without seeing dollar amounts.

We added two new report parameters to the invoice listing and payment listing reports; insurance group and exclude insurance company.

Available on version 4570 is a new filter on the Referral Listing for ‘Other’ Referral Sources.  This is a list of options that is set up in Other Setup on the Referral Types tab and shows up on the Referral record (in Patient Activies).

Available on version 4570, we have now added the M0140 OASIS question to the Assessment printouts, previously it was not printing this question.

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