Available in version 4599 we have added the Case Conference Summary sheet as a blank form under Blank Comprehensive Assessments (OASIS C) in Listings.

Available on version 4594 is a new service code filter on the Patient Visits History by Service report.

Available on version 4594 is a new report under Listings called the Communications Listing.  This new report gives you the ability to print a list of Physician Orders, H485s, Communication Notes, Missed Visit Notes and Progress Notes sorted by Physician or by Patient.

We made changes to the responsible employee listing so that you can run the listing for several disciplines / therapies at the same time.  Previously, you had to run the report separately for each discipline.

We added Healthstream Research as a vendor option in the CAHPS survey report.

The following versions are currently in place:
Updated with the Clinical Update:

  • Clinical: 738
  • Clinical Transfer Utility: 736

Updated with the HHC 3000 Software updater:

  • HHC 3000: 4585
  • Datapipe: 736 (only applies for those utilizing the Clinical Point of Care software)

All versions since the last posted version numbers have been maintenance releases fixing specific problems in the software. If you are experiencing bugs in a specific area of the software (and you are on an old version), please update to see if it resolves the issue you are experiencing. As always, if you are experiencing problems across the board in your software, please call for technical support and our technicians will help you to resolve the issue.

If you are experiencing difficulties with data transmission in the clinical software, please make sure that you have followed these steps:

  1. Update both sides (the HHC 3000 Software updater and the clinical laptop).
  2. Mark the information that did not transmit correctly using the “Submit Activities For Retransmit” button in the clinical software
  3. Transmit the information using the Clinical Transfer Utility

The recent changes to the software on both ends of the datapipe have resolved all data transmission issues that we had previously observed.

We’ve had a way to be able to record verification of PECOS entries since build 4581.

One of our agencies asked for an easier way to be able to check that a physician is registered in PECOS.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a tool that can be used to generate a list of physicians with and without PECOS registration based upon your NPI numbers that are recorded in HHC 3000. If you are only trying to verify one physician, you may skip to step 12. Otherwise, to obtain a complete list for your active physicians, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Listings button on the Main Menu screen.
  2. Select the Physicians Listing report.
  3. On the Report Parameters screen, check the box next to “Create Export File after Report Prints.”
  4. Click the Print button.
  5. Select the option to Preview the report and click OK
  6. Close the Preview Report Window
  7. An export report grid will be displayed. Click Export.
  8. You will be prompted to save the export file. Choose someplace to save the file and make sure that you save it as a FoxPro DBF file. When you save, if you receive a 6420 error message, please try again, but save in a location that is accessible to the advantage database server (such as the HHC 3000 software folder).
  9. You can then open that DBF file with any spreadsheet application (like OpenOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel).
  10. Highlight the column with NPI numbers for the entire listing of the Physicians. The NPI column is on the far right.
  11. Copy the NPI data (Ctrl+c)
  12. Open or Go to NPI Pecos Search tool at:
  13. Place cursor in the look up box
  14. Paste or enter the NPI number(s) (Ctrl+v)
  15. Click Submit
  16. A list of NPI numbers will appear with NPI searched, actual NPI, Last name and First name. Those that appear with the last name and first name are currently registered with PECOS. Those NPI numbers that say, “NPI Not Found in PECOS file” are not currently listed as registered with PECOS.
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