Available on version 4630 will be a new report under the Listings area of HHC3000 for tracking answers to M2430 Patient Reason for Hospitalization.

Available in version 4627 – we have added the Order Number field on this report along with a new Sort By option to sort the report by order#.

Available on version 4627 is a new report under the Listings area to track answers for Influenza Vaccinations (M1040/1045) and PPV Vaccinations (M1050/1055).

Available on version 4626 will be a new 2 Week option on the Employee Work Schedule Calendar report available under the Schedules tab in Historical Reports).

Security correction in Historical reports for the security override to not allow certain users to see dollar amounts in reports.

Available on version 4623 is a correction to the security in the Listings report screen.  If an employee is restricted to not be able to run Employee related listings in the Listings screen, the Employee Attendance report was still accessible.  This has been corrected.

Available on version 4623 will be a new option under the Patient Demographics screen ‘Alerts’ area titled ‘Area Agency on Aging’.  We have also added an option on the Patient Register and Recert Due Listing reports to be able to run those reports and specifically capture only those patients with a checkmark in this new Alert.

Available on version 4623 will be a new Scheduling Report.  It is titled the Employee Work Schedule Timesheet and is similar to the existing Work Schedule Timesheet report except that it includes columns for odometer readings.

Available on version 4619 we have added a County Filter to the Employee Visits and Hours Summary Report.

Available on version 4619 will be a change to the Patient Visit History By Day report.  We have added a service code filter to the report parameter screen.

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