McKesson has been added to the supply import vendor options.

Novaetus, Inc. has been added to the list of vendor options in the CAHPS report.

Several days ago we posted a message regarding the HHC3000 Clinical software version 747 update that was available.  This update also includes a fix for the issue a few agencies were periodically experiencing where the clinician on the laptop would get a ‘decompression’ error when trying to download from the ftp site to their laptop.

747 includes a correction for this error – please have your clinicians on laptops get an update as soon as possible if they have not already.  You will also need to do a HHC3000 (office/server software) update to version 4671 as soon as possible.

These are critical updates.  Please update your office side software and make sure that all clinicians on laptops get them updated as soon as possible.  If you are having trouble getting any of your laptops to update please call our office right away for assistance.

Please have your HHC3000 Clinical laptop software users update their laptops.  The new update version is 747.  The Data Transfer Utility will remain at version 746.

This update includes a fix for a some problem that a few agencies have been experiencing when importing from one visit note to another.

Please have all of your HHC3000 Clinical laptop software users update their HHC3000 Clinical software as soon as possible to the newest version.  This update is critical.

The update will upgrade the version/build in the HHC3000 Clinical to 744 and 746 in the Data Transfer Utility.

We have added a new employee listing to HHC3000 called the TX Possible OIG Exclusions, at the request of several of our Texas agencies. The listing will match the employees in HHC3000 against a file that we will be downloading from the Texas OIG (Office of Inspector General) called the OIG exclusions download file, which includes all individuals who have had their professional license revoked. We use the term “possible” because the listing shows employees who have a matching first and last name to the state file, but the state download file that is available has limited information. (We do show on the listing the information that is contained in the state file). The employee that has a match will have to be entered in the OIG online system to see if it is truly a OIG exclusion. The report should save a significant amount of time in that you will not have to enter all HHC3000 employees on line, only those that have a matching first and last name. The listing cannot find matches if the employee name is mispelled.

We will be including the Texas OIG download file with your regular software updates and we plan to retrieve / update this file monthly.

Beginning in Version 4660 the id and name fields in the patient and employee screen will be display fields only and will not allow the user to change information in those fields. The fields have a light green background showing that they are read only fields. Just to the right of the middle initial field will be a new button that if pressed will bring up a small screen that will allow you the make changes to the id or name fields. If you do not have security to change the id or name fields, the new button does not appear. We are trying to eliminate the accidental changing of ids and name. In the near future the clinical system will also have the same changes.

We have added a new invoice format, Statement Listing, in the generate invoices section of billing. This is a generic type of invoice that lists all the services provided for the insurance company, without breaking by patient. The invoice includes the date, patient, service, $ amount and visit comment.

Agencies are beginning to call and ask when we are planning on having ANSI Version 5010 ready so that they can begin testing.  We are planning on haveing the capability to test with ANSI Version 5010 in place by December 31, 2010.  We will post more information closer to the end of the year.

Communications for Research has been added to the list of CAHPS survey vendors and will be available on tonight’s update, version 4658.

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