We have been reworking & improving the Generic / Free Form 485 Plan of Care that includes the physician face to face encounter, that we announced previously, and feel we are very close to the final format. Our tendancy at this point is to make this 485 format the default format for all new 485′s added as of January 1, 2011. Users will have the ability to override to the old format if desired. The new format will give us greater flexibility for future changes but still looks like the format that users have been use to seeing for years.

Version 4692 and higher has been updated to include the 2011 federal payroll taxes. This update includes the change in the employee social security withholding rate to 4.2% for 2011, down from 6.2%. The employer expense accrual percent has not changed. For the 2011 federal withholding rates we are using the same rates as 2010 based upon the announced extension of the Bush Tax Cuts. When Publication 15 is available on the internet we will double check the rates and make any changes if necessary.

Available on version 4693 is the ability to export all three supply usage reports – Supply Usage by Patient, Supply Usage by Employee and Supply Usage by Item.

The ANSI 5010 Electronic Billing Format will be available on an HHC3000 update by the end of January.

We will post another message when this update is actually available.

The final rule for the Home Health PPS 2011 changes added new HCPCS codes for home health providers to report when billing physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech-language pathology (SLP) and skilled nursing (SN) services.

CMS has released their new HCPCS file at the following link:


The HCPCS Code range for Home Health services is G0151-G0164

If you are providing any of the services that have HCPCS code changes – you will need to update your service codes in HHC3000 before billing for any Medicare claims with a M0090 date of January 1, 2011 or newer.

The upcoming changes to the 485 for the face to face encounters that we posted on November 19th were completed at the beginning of December. To see the changes, on a 485 change the alternative format to Free Form / Generic, check Face to Face Encounter Applies box, and then print the 485. Please send comments to andrea@hhc3000.com. Thanks.

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