We have added a new report under “Listings” called the Face To Face Document Listing.

There is a new button on the main screen labeled “OASIS Alerts.” This option can generate a listing showing billable PPS OASIS assessments with more than 10 (default) therapy visits, OASIS assessments within 8 (default) days of end of episode and OASIS assessments over 20 (default) days old that haven’t been sent to the state. The report default parameters for the number of days or visits can be changed. Eventually, if users find the report useful, we will create an alerts file that will alert users when they enter the system (especially clinical). We would appreciate response from the users.

On the new Face to Face Physician Orders we have removed the 2 checkboxes for “No previous encounter” and “Previous encounter not related to primary reason for home care.”

Just an update on where we are with the face to face encounters:
(1) The face to face encounter can be done as part of the new generic 485. Inside the 485 just check the “Face to Face Encounter Applies” and it will incorporate into the body of the 485. You can also indicate that you want the face to face to be a seperate document or that the face to face physician is not the same as the 485. If the physician is different, the face to face will automatically change to a seperate document. The face to face document only works on the new generic 485. We will probably not be making any more future enhancements to the older style of 485.
(2) In the physician orders we have added two new order type, “Face to Face Encountere” and “Hospice Face to Face Encounter.” With both of these types some attestation and certification remarks will appear on the printout. For the Hospice Face to Face Encounter you can also specify that the Hospice Nurse Practitioner.

There is now a new Clinical Update available – version 757.  This corrects the nbPages frame: No Parent window error that some clinicians were experiencing sporadically in the Assessments screen.

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