The physician’s NPI number now displays on the patient demographics screen.

In Insurance Companies / HCFA 1500 setup you can now check that you want only a ’1′ to show in field 24E Diagnosis Pointer.

Added “Final Payment” and “Retraction” to the invoice payment types.

Several agencies have been inquiring about the ability to scan documents into our software. We have the technical knowledge to add such a feature into the software and plan to do so in the future.

A new report called Personnel Staffing Equivalents has been added to the Historical Reports / Statistical Reports section of the software. This report shows by personnel group and contract vs employed, the equivalent number of full time employees. This report is required annually for the Pennsylvania statistical reports.

As of Version 4973 PPS billing can be done in the professional ANSI format instead of just the institutional format. Some of our clients recently have come across insurance companies that want the professional format. If you need to bill in the professional format make sure under Insurances / ANSI that you select the professional format.

In the past when performing a system update, you would be prompted if you wanted to do a precautionary backup. We have removed the feature from the software. Very often a problem would occur during the backup, usually caused by another used getting into the system during the process. In addition, some agencies were relying on this as being their only backup which we do not think is a good practice. We are sorry if this causes any inconveniences.

Our calculation of the PPS therapy adjustment for final claims was off a small amount. There year-to-year factor that we used to calculate from the original base year on therapy adjustments was not correctly applied. This error had no bearing on actual payments but would show up when the final bill was paid and the invoice the difference had to be adjusted. This has been corrected in version 4793.

We have had several small bugs reported to us since putting out the new clinical update earlier this week.  Please update all your laptops to version 2025 as soon as possible.  Thank you.

This week, probably Wednesday, we will be releasing our new clinical laptop software that has been in the works for several months. The backbone of the current clinical software was not designed to handle the load of work and the number of input screens needed as the demands for information & functionality grew over the past five to six years. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet the needs for additional input screens for Hospice and other areas, until this new clinical software was rewritten.

We have tried to make the new clinical software input screens look as much as possible like the input screens of the old clinical. What has mostly changed are the interface buttons used to access and exit different sections of assessments and activities. The biggest change will be in the patient screen where you will see a notebook tab at the top of the screen labeled “Activities.” All activities for a patient will be added and accessed from this screen instead of different buttons on the right side of the patient screen for the different types of activities. We don’t think these changes will be hard to grasp.

Once inside an assessment, the input screens will work the same as they would if you were doing a comprehensive assessment in the main office software. These new clinical software screens have been in place for several months in the main office software with very few problems.

With the new clinical software in place we plan to finish several Hospice screens and printouts hopefully by the end of May. Once Hospice is done, we will be begin work on several other new activities that agencies have been requesting.

We thank you in advance for patience and consideration during this time of transition. Thanks.

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