Build 2037 is currently available for our HHC3000 Clinical (point of care) users.  Please have your clinicians update their laptops as soon as possible.

Along with a few minor bug fixes, we have added the ‘View Most Recent’ options button into each of the assessment sub-screens.

There is a new update currently available for HHC3000 users experiencing an access violation error when trying to create an H485 from a Comprehensive assessment.  The update version 4817.

Some insurance companies are now requiring a source of admission for the ANSI electronic billing. Bravo is one of those insurance companies requiring the source of admission for which we have had several calls. To make sure the information is included in ANSI billing you should go to Insurance Companies / ANSI and check “Add 2300 CL1 Patient Status / Source of Admit Record.” You then have 2 options, either go to Patients / Insurance / UB04 and enter the source of admission at the bottom of the screen for each patient, or go into Other Setup / Referral (Admission) and select a” ANSI Billing Source of Admission Default.” The second option will pull from admission to agency records. The patient screen will supercede the other setup default.

In Other-Setup / System Overrides / Billing we added the option to exclude HCPCS codes from being automatically entered into the visit screen during data entry. We also added the ability under Insurance Companies to not pull the HCPCS codes in visits for just that insurance company. If you default the system to not automatically pull in the HCPCS codes, you can go into Insurance Companies and allow individual insurance companies to pull in the HCPCS code into visits.

Available in Build 4810 in the patient visit screen is a new check box, “Medicare Non-Covered.” You will need to check this box if you want the visit in PPS billing to show as non-covered. In addition, there must be a $ value in the amount field.

The communications listing has been changed. The date signed/returned has been added to the printout along with a parameter to run the report just for communications that have not been returned.

Several agencies have reported minor issues with a recent version of the HHC 3000 Clinical.  We have corrected these items.  Please have your Clinicians update to version 2033 as soon as possible.

From within the scheduled visit or unverified visit there is a button at the bottom of the screen to create a Missed Visit record. This will save time from having to re-enter the date, employee, service etc. on the missed visit. The original request was to have the original schedule or unverified visit convert to a missed visit option. We did not feel comfortable automatically removing the original record. You can delete the original record when you exit from the screen.

There is a new Clinical update available.  Please have all your clinicians using the HHC3000 Clinical software update to version 2030 as soon as possible.

We have been receiving a lot of phone calls from clinicians who are still using software versions from last October/November so you will want to make sure that none of your field staff are having difficulty updating their laptops on their own.

Under Billing / Hospice Routine Charges there is a new checkbox labeled “Post Non-Routine Days from Patient Insurance.” If you are entering non-routine days under Patient / Insurance / Hospice, and you check this box when posting, the system will post the non-routine days instead of routine days for the days established under the patient.

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