At the request of several of our agencies we have added added a new patient activity called a “Patient Medication Sheet”. This will allow you to keep historical patient medication sheets along with applicable electronic approvals etc. The screen is very similiar to the current patient medication screen with some additional features such as the ability to transfer the medications while in the historical record screen to and from the current patient medications screen. The new historical medication sheet also has features to move medications up and down on the sheet, sort the medications and duplicate medications. This feature will be available in tonight’s update for the main office software and will be available tomorrow for the clinical software. With the coordination problems we have had in the past with patient medications between the main office and the field notebooks, we highly recommend that nurses in the field begin to use this new feature.

Within the last few weeks a few of our HHC3000 Clinical users have reported a problem with H485s not showing in the Patient’s Document Log and not going back down to the Clinical software from the HHC3000 software for Final Approval.

If you have been experiencing this problem then please update your HHC3000 software to version 4830.

There is a new clinical update currently available.  Version 2043.

This update includes a fix for a few clients who were calling with intermittent issues where the Billing Amount was not calculating.

With Version 4825 there will be a new button in the billing menu called “ANSI 5010 Testing.” This option will allow you to begin ANSI 5010 testing for electronic billing other than PPS billing. When selected the screen looks and functions just like the regular ANSI billing program. We have no way of testing the file outputs, we will be relying on feedback from our agencies.

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