An update to the Meciare PECOS file as of 8/25/2011 is now available to download. From within Doctors press the “Get PECOS” button. When the import is done then press the “Post” button to update your doctors file.

In the clinical system under patients there is a “Doc Log” button. Throughout the system there is also a view most recent button. These buttons are similiar in nature in that they let the user see historical documents for the patient. Although similiar in nature, there were minor differences in the way they worked and responded. Most users were probably not aware of the differences but from the program the differences were causing problems. We standardized the features throughout the clinical program and labeled the button “Document Log”. In addition we added two new dropdown items in the document log section.

The first new item is called “Orders Review”. This feature will display the orders section of the most recent 485 and then list all the physician orders since the 485. The second item shows the goals section of the most recent 485.

These features are available in clinical version 2054.

In the H485 alternative formats we added DC Medicaid Plan of Care as one of the options. If the option is selected the H485 will print using the new District of Columbia Medicaid format.

There is a new clinical update available to fix the ‘View Most Recent’ button in assessments/visit notes that has been reported as not always showing the correct patient information.

The Clinical version will be 2048 and the Data Transfer Update Utility will stay at 1770.

All HHC3000 Clinical software users need to update their HHC3000 Clinical software to version 2047 (The Data Transfer Update Utility remains at version1770).

In this update there is a fix for Medications that were being deleted on the HHC3000 Clinical software that were not uploading and removing the same medication from the main HHC3000 properly.

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