The HHC3000 software has been modified to include the two new dementia codes 29420 and 29421 in the HIPPS scoring. These two codes were added by CMS in late 2012.

On 1/17/12 we found a bug in the employer expense accrual for FICA Social Security in the generate payroll option. The 941 Liability Report which we suggest agencies use to make deposits was correct. The recalculate taxes option in the edit payroll records was working correctly also. Please get the most recent update, 4939 to correct this error.

If your billing Pennsylvania Medicaid or Virginia Medicaid and you are an Atypical Provider, you will need to get update version 4933 or higher. In addition, under insurance maintenance you will need to put your atypical provider number in the NPI Override (API) field. In the Insurance / ANSI tab field you will have to check the “Bill in API Format” box. This change is the result of a new requirement for ANSI 5010 that their testing procedures did not detect.

If you submit your Medicare ANSI 5010 production files to CIGNA using the receiver id 15004 and you get a rejection stating that ISA:05 should be ’28′ then you will need to get update version 4932. This rejection will not cause test files to reject.

If your ANSI 5010 billing gets rejected and you are told that the file was rejected because it was sent as a dental claim, you will need to go into Insurance Companies, select the ANSI tab, and in the ANSI Version (GS:8) field you will need to select the first item, Professional – 005010X222A1.

We have made a change to the PPS calculations for 2012. If you do not have version 4928 or higher you should update HHC3000. If a PPS assessment date is dated late 2011 and the episode period is 2012, our PPS was calculating at 2012 points scoring. It should have been at 2011 point scoring.

Agencies submitting ANSI 5010 tests to Ohio Medicaid should get the most recent update version 4927 or higher. A couple of segments that were required under ANSI 4010 billing are no longer required under ANSI 5010 and will cause rejection errors.

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