If you get an error generating payroll telling you that field OPTIONALBASETYPE is not found, you will have to update to version 4997 or higher.  If you currently have version 4994 through 4996 you will need to update.

In version 4996 there was a change to HHC3000 to correct a problem with ANSI 5010 Medicare Hospice billings.  The problem occurred when an occurrence code was entered under the  patient insurance screen.  The code was being dropped when it was received by Medicare.

We have made the changes to the 485 sections and 485 printout of software to incorporate the final revisions made by DC Medicaid to their HHA/PCA Care Plan.

There is a new PECOS file dated 3/5/2011 available on the internet. This filed can be downloaded from within the Doctors section of the program.

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