We have added the responsible employee to the sort order for the Authorization Status Report and the Possible Billing Errors Report.

Version 5035 has an update that corrects two software “bug” in the PPS HIPPS calculations.  ICD9 codes 29420 & 29421 were not scoring as diagnosis group 17 Psych 2.  This would cause a under scoring of the HIPPS code.  There was also a unique circumstance if diagnosis group 10, Neuro 1, and 11, Neuro 2, were used on the same assessment that would result in an over scoring of the HIPPS code.  These have been corrected and we apologize for any problems they may have caused.

We appreciate agencies that notify us when they submit OASIS to the state and the state report shows they calculated a HIPPS code different that what was submitted.  These can be very time consuming to resolve because of the complexity of the calculations, but are extremely important to us and we try to resolve them as quickly as possible.  Thanks

We have been approved for Texas Medicaid ANSI 5010 institutional claims.  We should be approved for professional claims in the next couple of weeks.  They mention it will take some time for us to show up on the approved vendor list on their end.  You do not have to wait for us to be on the list.  You just need to sent an email to the following address, stephanie.kinnison@tmhp.com, asking to be setup in 5010 ANSI production for institutional claims.  Include a copy to EDI5010Support@tmhp.com.  In the email mention that you use Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc. as your software vendor.  We will post when we are approved for professional claims.

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