We added the NPI number the listing options in the user defined employee listing.  This will be helpful for DC Medicaid billers that now require the employee NPI to be present.

The insurance and services screens have been changed so that if you want to change the name or description, you will have to click on the button beside the fields to make the change.  In essence, they now work just like the patient and employee screens.  Occasionally clients would accidentally change the fields when they meant to do a lookup.

We corrected an accounting code issue in payroll that developed in version 5054. Please update to version 5057 or higher.

In Version 5055 we added a new feature in payroll to set up system wide, the time of day that night shift begin and ends.  You can also setup when weekends begin and end.  Both of these options are done in the payroll module under payroll setup and are used to pay employees a rate that is different that their normal rate (usually a premium).  If you notice in the payroll section of employees we have recently added additional pay rates called night visit rates, weekend visit rates, and weekend night visit rates under the employee base pay rates, employee service pay rates, and employee patient pay rates sections.  These new rates relate to the new setup.

Currently we have 3 agencies that have requested this feature and they are just beginning to try it out.

A payroll bug in generating regular gross pay was discovered in Version 5054.  If you have Version 5054 you will need to update to Version 5055 or higher.

Our phone system is now properly operating.  Thanks for your patience.

We are currently having major problems with our local phone carrier.  Many calls to Allegheny Software are going to an old answering system that we use to have with this carrier that we have not used for years.  You might be getting a message basically saying “the mail box for Fran is full.”  If you cannot get through on the phone please send us an email at support@hhc3000.com.  We are sorry for any problems this may cause you.  We hope that the phone carrier will have the problem corrected as soon as possible.

We have found a bug in the HIPPS calculation where sometimes the supply code portion of the HIPPS code would not calculate correctly.  The bug was found as the result of agencies reporting this to us as a result of their messages received when they transmitted their OASIS to the state.  This has been fixed in version 5051.

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