Version 5159 is now available for downloading.

First, this update includes 2013 federal tax calculations which are temporary until the congress determines what the tax rates should be.  Federal income tax will be withheld at the 2012 rates until further notice.  From what we can guess, the FICA SS will return to the 6.2 % rate.  When a final determination is made we will issue an update for both of these.  The payroll system automatically tries to correct the year-to-date FICA SS on each payroll.  If the rate turns out to be 4.2% then the next payroll after your update will correct the year-to-date on that payroll, then take out 4.2% on future payrolls.

Second, this update includes OASIS version V3413 along with the appropriate grouper logic.  The main changes is the addition of some 173## diagnosis codes now included in diagnosis category 3 = diabetes.

If you have done a recent clinical update and are getting an error message referring to “xPatients3″ or “xxxPatients3″ during downloading your most recent patient data you will need to perform the following:

Update the clinical software to version 2123 or higher. Make sure you open the clinical software to make sure it is version 2123 or higher before you attempt to download your most recent patient data again.  This step not only makes sure the version is 2123 or higher, but also is performing a software adjustment to the clinical data transfer utility program.  If you do not do this step you will continue to get the same error messages.

The error is due to changes we are making to the clinical laptops in order to expand patient demographics information for the future.

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