After the changes in the password input that we posted yesterday, some agencies have told us they need to enter the entire password with the caps lock on.  Then someone in the agency can change their password to upper and lower case characters and it works.

There has been a minor change to the password format used for the HHC3000 main system software.  In the past when setting up a password under other setup, the system always forced the first character in the password to be uppercase.  This has been changed to allow for lower case.  If users have any difficulty entering their password, which shows all characters as * when logging in, they can try making the first character upper case.  We have added this message to the password login screen in case they experience problems.

A new electronic format has been added to the state unemployment report electronic format, ICESA format.  Pennsylvania agencies will need to use this format for the 4th quarter, 2012 electronic reporting.

There is a new PECOS file available for downloading.

We have been notified by an agency in Pennsylvania that Berkheimer has notified them that on the employee’s W2 in box 20 locality name, they want the PSD code for the agency , not for the employee.  In addition, they want only the first 2 digits of the PSD code which they refer to as the TCD (Tax Collection District).  Version 5171 released today includes that change.  The agency PSD code can be entered in Other Payroll setup in the field labeled “Local PSD ID Code.”  Enter the full PSD code for the location of the agency in that field.  On the W2 we will print just the first 2 digits.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Medicare has now starting rejecting claims where your agency zip code does not include the full 9 digits.  In early 2012 we starting adding ’0000′ to the zip code if the +4 was missing.  As of recently, they are no longer accepting the ’0000′.  You should also look at any office addresses in “Other Setup” to make sure they also include the +4 digits.

If you do not have software version 5162 or higher, when you generate payrolls for 2013 the FICA social security may calculate at 4.2% instead of 6.2%.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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