Under patient activities we added a new button called “PPS Control Board.”  This feature gathers information for the selected PPS certification period and organizes it in a format to better track where you stand with therapy visits concerning the 13 and 16 and 30 day re-assessment requirements.  Skilled nursing and home health aide visits are organized in a more convenient format to compare to the 485 plan of treatment (which also shows on the page).  Let us know what improvements may make this tool more useful.

As of April 1, 2013, there has been a 2% sequestration cut to Medicare PPS payments.  When you receive the final payment, CMS is including a 2% contractual allowance adjustment reduction to your total remittance. In order to allow for this contractual allowance adjustment in the system we have added a PPS contractual allowance percentage field in Insurance Companies under the PPS tab.  Just enter the 2.00% in this field.  When the RAP file is created and posted to accounts receivable, the contractual allowance will be posted, thus reducing your accounts receivable amount.  This change will be included in tonight’s update, version 5247.

The “View” button located under patient activities has had several recent changes including buttons for “Risk Integrity” and “Immunizations.”  Certain fields such as dates sent, received, due, verified may also appear for certain records.

A new historical report called Employee Average Hours Worked has been added.  This report is designed to help agencies monitor and control which employees will be eligible for mandated health insurance coverage under the affordable care act, over 30 hours per week average.

The OASIS quality improvement reports found under “Listings” have been modified to be current.

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