For those agencies registered for ICD-10 Testing Week March 3 – 7, 2014 – the ability to create a test file for billing with ICD-10 codes will be available with software versions dated 2/28/14 or later.  The ICD-10 tab in Patients Diagnosis screens will need to be completed for each Patient to be included in the test file.  An additional check box to create an ICD-10 test file has been added to the PPS Billing Screen.

Changes to the Billing Sheet will be available on software versions dated 2/28/14 or later.  Additional data entry fields for Non-injectable medication refill NDC codes, quantity refilled, and units of measure qualifier.  This information will be required for the new Hospice Reporting requirements.

With Version 5411 an additional tab is now available for ICD-10 code assignment in the Patient Diagnosis screen.  The ICD-10 code set will be automatically available with no required import.  ICD-10 codes will not pull to reporting or invoicing at this time.

The issue of clinical notebooks connecting to the ftp site has been resolved.  Last night the ftp host site migrated our account.  We were told everything would be the same but this morning we found there were some “permission” issues that had to be resolved.

All users are currently experiencing problems connecting to our ftp site.  We are working with the company that hosts our ftp site to correct the problem and will let you know as soon as it is resolved.  Thanks for your patience.

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