Version 5425 has the modifications necessary to print the new HCFA 1500 insurance claim form.  We added “HCFA 1500 – 2014 (new)” as a new invoice format  under insurance companies.  We also kept the prior HCFA 1500 format which is labeled ” HCFA 1500 – 2005 (old).”  These same options are available as invoice format overrides when generating invoices.

Available with software version 5424 is a Hospice Medications Import Screen in the Utilities Module of the Main Office Software.  Hospice Medication refills in  CSV or XLS (Microsoft Excel) format can now be imported to create a Billing Sheet for each Hospice Patient with Medication refills.  Agencies will still need to set up appropriate service codes for refill type as this is a required column mapping item.  Each Patients Billing Sheet will be included in invoicing to meet the new Hospice Billing Requirements.

A new Clinical Software override is now available to prevent changes to a Patient’s Demographics Screen by Clinical Point of Care Users.  The override can be found in the Main Office software by selecting the Other Setup Button, Clinical Setup Tab.  The override is listed in the Patient Demographics Section.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

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