Beginning with main office software update 5488 and clinical software version 2225.  The Hospice Item set is now available for completion.  The ability to create submission files to meet quality reporting requirements is also available.  The Admission Hospice Item Set can be found inside of the Comprehensive Hospice Assessment (CA) in both the main office software and in the clinical point of care software.  There are 2 check boxes on the initial/default screen.  “Include Hospice Item Set” will incorporate the item set into the comprehensive assessment for the assessing clinician to complete.  The “Hospice Item Set Only” will provide only the item set questions and can be used when the information is extracted from external documents or by a responsible employee, not the assessing clinician.  The Discharge Hospice Item set is found in the main office software in the Statistical Discharge from Agency activity.  The Print Form will provide the page for signatures of the individuals completing the HIS items and the individual verifying record completion.  These signatures will not be included in the submission files but are to be kept by the agency in accordance with policy and procedures related to patient information.  Submission files of HIS assessments can be created by selecting the new “Create HIS files” button from the main menu screen of the main office software.  A grid will display all HIS assessments completed.  To include an assessment in a file, double click on the check box in the Include column for that assessment.  You may include more than one assessment when creating a file.  Once all assessments to be included are checked, indicate the Electronic file directory location.  This will be the location on your agency computer where the file will be saved.  Indicate the file name and select the perform button.  When connected to the ASAP system for submission, you will retrieve the file from the location on your agency computer.  When multiple assessments are included in the file, the software will create a compressed zip file.  Each assessment will be found inside the folder as an XML file meeting submission specifications.

Available in the Main Office software with Version 5485:  Additional fields have been added to the Edit PPS Billing information screen in PPS Billing to meet the Medicare Home Health reporting requirements for episodes beginning on or after July 1, 2014.  The “Physician in OASIS” field is now available and will auto populate with the Physician from the OASIS.  The Document Review box will display the name of the physician on the Plan of Care.  This should match the Physician in the OASIS.  This Physician will report in claims as the Physician who signs the Plan of Care.  The Face to Face Physician (if different) field is also now available to enter the name of the Physician who completed the Face to Face Encounter documentation and certified the Patient for Home Health Services.  If the Face to Face Physician is different than the Physician who signed the Plan of Care – the Face to Face Physician will report in the claims as the certifying/re-certifying Physician.  The Document Review box will also display the name of the Physician on the Face to Face Encounter.  If the certifying/re-certifying physician and the physician who signs the plan of care is the same, only the Physician who signed the Plan of Care will be reported in claims.  Reminder:  All Physicians will need their NPI number entered in the software in the Doctors database.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

The ability to attach external documents to Patient Activities/Documents is available beginning with Main office software version 5477.  An attachments button can be found at the bottom of the patient activity screen to attach external records to a highlighted activity in the Patient Activity Grid.  The attachments button will allow users to both save the attachment and view an already attached record.  Once the attachment is saved originally on the agency computer, select the attachments button, select “Add” and indicate the folder/directory location of the original record.  Highlight the record and select the “Attach” button.  The attachment will be saved to the selected activity in the software.  The original record will NOT be automatically deleted from the agency computer.  The software will accept attachments in most formats including:  jpg, xls, pdf, doc, and txt.  The attachments button can also be found in the View screen to view (only) an attached record.

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