Available with software version updates released 8/21/14 or later, two overrides are now available that are specific to Addendums.  Addendums as a new feature were requested by several agencies.   Software capability to provide an original document date and signature along with any subsequent late entries or corrections was needed due to  requests by state surveyors and for instances when medical record reviews were requested.  Addendums have also been provided to assist agencies with HIPAA requirements related to data integrity standard 164.312 (c)(1) in the security Standards, Technical Safeguards as agencies “implement policies and procedures to protect electronic protected health information from improper alteration or destruction”.  As guidelines for clinical note writing and incorporation into the clinical record can differ according to state or other certifying body regulations, a new override has been added to allow an agency to indicate a different time frame for document locking then the default of 48 hours.  Agencies will be able to enter 3-14 days.  The override can be found in Other Set up, System Overrides tab, Security tab.  In the same tab we have also added an override to turn off Addendums as a feature for those agencies who have determined/documented the feature is not needed to maintain document integrity and/or may have other policies and procedures in place to maintain original document dates and signature and capture document addendums.

Available with software version updates released 8/21/14 or later, a new screen is available from the Main Menu screen of HHC 3000 for software users who only manage patient scheduled, unverified, and visits for patients.  Patient Schedules & Visits screen, when a patient name is selected, will display all visits, scheduled visits and unverified visits for that patient.  Scheduled visits when edited can be converted to a Visit record or a Missed Visit Note can be generated directly from the displayed screen.  An additional button will also be available to transfer a scheduled visit to a verified visit based upon the billing information displayed in the Schedules, Unverified Visits and Visits original screen.

Available with software version updates released on 8/12/2014 and later, Addendums will now be available for all types of Visit Assessments, PT, OT and MSW Assessments.  Documents not marked as completed will be automatically completed by the software 48 hours from the date the document was added.  The software will prevent data entry directly in the documentation fields of the document.  An Addendum will be required.  Clinicians utilizing the Clinical Point of Care Software will receive a warning screen upon access to the software listing documents nearing the automatic completion time point that will require use of an Addendum.  There will also be an additional button at the bottom of the Patient listing screen where clinicians can access the same information.

Beginning with HHC 3000 Main Office software version available on Tuesday August 12, 2014, the Patients database will default to the Grid format as described in previous Allegheny Messages post.

An additional button has been added to sort the Patient Grid by the Patient ID.  The button will then default to allow the software user to return the Patient grid to the  alphabetic patient listing.

Due to server upgrades being performed this week at Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc., the change of the Patient Database to the Patient Grid format has been delayed.  We are anticipating the change will be made with a software version update either late this week or next week.  Please monitor Allegheny Messages for further details.

In approximately 2 weeks the software will begin to require an addendum for all visit assessment types, HHA care Plans, PT, OT and MSW assessments.  When clinicians exit one of the listed document types, the clinician will be asked if the document is complete.  If ‘YES’ is selected the software will not allow the document to be opened to the data entry fields.  Instead the clinician will be required to select the Addendum button to complete the data entry of the correction or late entry.  If the agency is using the Electronic Approval feature, clinicians will still electronically approve the original document.  Clinicians will be asked to electronically approve all addendums.  The print form will include the original document and electronic approval along with any addendums and the electronic approval.  If the clinician answers ‘NO’ to the question “Is this document complete?”, the software will give the clinician until the end of the next calendar day to complete the documentation.  After that time point the software will require any additional documentation to be made as an addendum.  In the Point of care software, only the employee who created a document will be able to make an addendum to that document.  The ability to attach an addendum to a document in the main office software will require an additional system security setting for the allowed employee.

Addendums for OASIS and Hospice (CA) documents will be released at a later time.  Please monitor Allegheny Messages for further updates for Addendums to OASIS documents and Hospice Assessments

Beginning with the HHC 3000 Software version to be released on Tuesday, August 5, 2014, the Patient Database will by default display in the Grid Format.  For each Patient record to be accessed, users will highlight the patient name and select the open button in the upper right corner of the screen or double click with the computer mouse on the highlighted patient name.  Users will need to Exit the patient record and return to the grid to access the next patient record.  Multiple filters have been provided in the patient grid allowing users to modify what patients display.  The Grid is currently available for use  and displays as a small button in the upper right corner of the Patients button on the Main Menu screen of HHC 3000.

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