Beginning with Clinical software version 2250, dated 9/10/2014, Clinical software users in the Managed Hosting Environment will have the Attachments feature available for use.  Clinicians will be able to view an attachment to a highlighted activity in a patient Activity grid.  The attachment button can be found at the top of the activity grid.  Clinicians may also Add an Attachment to a Patient activity as per the instructions given in the June 4, 2014 Allegheny Message post for Attachments.  When Adding an attachment, the originally saved document does not get automatically deleted when attached to a document in the software.  Agencies will be responsible for securing the originally saved documents on the mobile devices.

Beginning October 1, 2014 the software will no longer allow an employee password of “PASSWORD”.  On this date, as the employee logs into HHC 3000 the software will provide a reset screen allowing entry of a new password that meets recommended strong password criteria.

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