A new PECOS file is available to download

Clinical Point of Care Software users who have received a software error when adding a physician order should update to the most current software version 2266, dated 11/10/2014.  The latest clinical software version will correct this error and allow for data entry of Physician Orders.

Software Version 5589 released 11/7/2014 will correct the current bug in Electronic Remittances.  Please ensure your software version is 5589 or later before attempting to post electronic remittances.

Due to a recent change made to Electronic Remittances to accommodate posting larger remittance files there is a current software bug.  Version updates dated 11/7/2014 or later will correct the bug, allowing posting of electronic remittances.

Regular server based Main office and Clinical Point of Care software users who are utilizing the Electronic Approvals feature and marking assessments in the main office for Re-approval by clinicians in the Clinical Point of Care software will need to update the Clinical Software to the most current Clinical software version 2261,  dated 11/5/2014.  The update will correct a bug that has occurred in the software during the download of the assessment marked for re-approval that prevented the patient diagnosis from being included in the assessment data downloading back to the clinical point of care computer.

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