A new override is now available on Main Office Software Version 5788 dated 7/29/15, for agencies to indicate the agency preferred number of days that the Time In, Time Out, Hours, and Miles can be changed on Visit Assessments.  The software previously  defaulted automatically to 5 days from the time the addendum was initiated and data entry fields in the visit assessment were closed from changes.  This default has now been opened so agencies can now indicate the preferred number of days from the time the visit assessment closes that the Time In, Time Out, Hours, and Miles can be changed.  The override can be found by selecting the Other Set Up button on the Main Menu screen, then selecting System Overrides tab then Security tab.  At the bottom of the screen you will see the new override which states,”Number of days after a visit assessment is closed that time in, time out, hours, and miles can be changes.  If the override is left to display a zero, there will be no limit set for modifying these fields.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

The Contact E-mail Address on the Patient Demographic Screen is populating with an internal control number with the latest software version 5777 dated 7/6/15.  The number will over write any previously entered contact email address.  Main Office Software  Version 5778 dated 7/7/15 currently available will correct the auto-populating of the control number in the E-mail address.  Unfortunately if the contact e-mail was populated with an email address it will need to be re-entered into the field following the update.  Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc. apologizes for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Agencies will need Main Office Software version 5771 or higher.  Agencies should wait until they have entered all June Visits into the software before setting up new billing rates and units.  The software will determine visit amounts when the visit is entered into the software.  If July visits are entered prior to rate changes, billing utilities can be run to recalculate visit amounts.

In Service set up for each Ohio Medicaid RN, LPN, and Aide service, agencies will need to update the Insurance Company Rates tab.  Once the applicable insurance is selected in the grid, agencies will need to select and complete the Billing Tier rates tab to update the previously entered billing rates and units.  The field for Hours to Units Alternative calculation will need to display ‘Ohio Medicaid 15,34,45,60.  These Unit calculations will only be performed on visits dated 7/1/15 or later. The check box, ‘$Rates are fixed $ amounts/visit for highest level reached should be marked.  Tier rates should hold incremental billing rates/hour for the service.  Level One will be the rate for 0-15 minutes.  Level Two will be 16 minutes over and the appropriate billing rate.  Levels will be completed up to the 3rd.  New data entry fields on the right side of the screen will then need to be completed in the Higher Level Tier Incremental Rate section.  The ‘Additional Levels Minute Increments’ should hold a 15.  ’Incremental Rate per Hour/Level for Increment’ field will hold the Level One rate for the service.  A 60 will need to be populated in the last field ‘For minutes over’.

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