Agencies will need to obtain Main Office Software version 5824 dated 9/29/2015 and Clinical Point of Care Software version 2364 dated 9/29/15.  The ICD 10 Instructions found on the main menu screen have been updated.  Previous instructions included direction for two different OASIS and PPS billing scenarios.  The update will include directions for additional OASIS and PPS billing scenarios in the form of a billing chart.

Please note,   Start Of Care episodes with a Start of Care date 9/27 thru 9/30 and a M0090 date as the date the assessment was completed as 10/1/15 or later will need to be in ICD 10 format.  These assessments will need ICD9 Billing Override codes populated for RAP billing.  ICD 9 Billing Override codes data entry fields may be found in Edit PPS billing screen for the assessment or in the Changes button for the assessment that can be found in the View screen.   Recertification assessments completed (M0090 date) 9/27/15 thru 9/30/15 whose certification period is 10/1/15 or later will need to be in ICD 9 format.  The ICD 10 Transition codes will need to be completed for these Recertification assessments and will be used for RAP and Final claims.

Please monitor Allegheny messages for notification of software version updates over the next week as we continue with the transition to ICD 10 to ensure your agency software is updated to accommodate any additional programming changes.

Agencies who received an Access Violation Error when opening the Demographics section of Comprehensive Assessments in the software will need the most recent software update.  The Main office software version dated 9/23/15 is 5820.  The Clinical point of Care software version dated 9/23/15 is 2360.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

ICD 10 Instructions are now available from a button located on the Main Menu screen of HHC 3000 with verion updates dated 9/1/2015 or later.

Physician Recertification language  has been added to the Plan of Care Print Form available with Main Office software versions dated 9/2/2015 or later.  The language will only be available with the Free Form/Generic format of the 485/Plan of Care.  The software will automatically populate the language for Recertifications based upon the Start of Care date and current certification Period entered on the 485/Plan of care.  The language will allow the Physician to enter the estimated length of time services will be required.  The language and space for documenting the time frame will print just above the Physician signature line on the 485/Plan of Care.

For those agencies whose Plan of Care does not require the physician to enter the estimated length of continued service, an override has been added in Other Set, System Overrides to turn the language off.  In System Overrides, the 485/Orders tab under the heading for 485′s a check box can be found to, “Do Not display recertification episode time period estimate box.”

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