Agencies now have the ability to print an Employee 1094-C listing with Main Office Software version 5918, dated 2-25-16.  Upon accessing the ‘W2/1095 Year End’ button in the payroll module, the new 1094-C Employee listing can be selected from the ‘Operation to Perform’ field.  Selecting the Print button will generate the listing.  The 1094-C Employee listing will show the number of employees for each month of the year based upon hire and inactive dates.

Enhancements have been made to several menu screens in the software to include the Main Menu Screen.  Enhancements will be available with a version update scheduled to be released the week of February 22, 2016.   The enhancements have been made to allow for more efficient access to various modules and ease of access to associated reports.  Some modules will be organized differently.  For example, all reporting will be accessible from one screen which will include creation of OASIS xml and HIS files.  All scheduling module features will be accessible from one screen.  A “hot” button will be provided on the Main Menu screen explaining where certain features will now be available.

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