Enhancements are available with Main Office software version 5946 dated 4/4/2016 and Clinical software version 2423 dated 4/6/2016.

Comprehensive visit assessments will provide a read only screen with historical wound assessment and dressing documentation.  The screen is available directly on the Integumentary screen just to the right of the actual data entry fields for wounds.  The skilled nurse entering the patient’s current wound assessment and dressing change will have the history available to evaluate healing and patient progress.  Clinicians wishing to view the wound history must first select the button, “Load Wound History”.  Once loaded, the clinician must select the button with the number for each active wound to see the history.

Comprehensive Physical and Occupational Therapy visit assessments will provide the therapist with a read only screen with historical Strength/ROM found in the Musculoskeletal section  and ADL/IADL documentation.  The new screen is available directly on the data entry screen for upper and lower strength/ROM and the functional assessment screen for ADL/IADL’s.  The Therapist while documenting the patient’s current strength, range of motion and performance of ADL/IADL’s will have the history of measures readily available for comparison and evaluation of patient progress and effectiveness of treatment.

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