Training videos are now available through the Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc. web site,

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Training videos now available are for the Control Board, Scheduling module, Adding new Patients and updating Medical Information screens, and for the Clinical Point of Care Software.

Main Office software version 5969 dated 5/26/16 will have new screens available in the “PPS What If” button to improve efficiency for main office Coders reviewing clinician documentation, completing coding and sending the changes to the clinician for review, acceptance and final electronic approval.  Agency coding personnel can complete coding without opening or editing to the data entry screens of an assessment.  The “PPS What if”button and screens have been updated for “PPS Review/What if”.  The Control Board Cert Period screen will allow Coders to filter for the most recent OASIS assessments completed .  Once an assessment is selected and the orange “Load” button is initiated, the new PPS Review/What if button is available for selection.  A new document tab is now available at the top of the PPS Review screen providing a read only document format.  The Diagnosis tab will allow coders to complete the Diagnosis Codes for M1021, M1025, M1011 and M1017.  The  Clinical, Functional, Therapy and Margin tabs will continue to display the point yielding OASIS questions and estimated number of visits for historic ‘What if’ functionality.  The right side of the new screens allow for recalculation of HIPPS code and PPS dollar amounts and the Print Change sheet that have also been available historically.  New buttons will allow the Coder to post changes to the data entry fields.  Posting changes will remove the clinicians electronic approval.  A change sheet will be provided with a summary of the changes and any errors or warnings.  The software will now provide a secondary window for the coder to also update the 485 with the coding changes and send the changes back to the Clinician for review and approval.

For Server based Clinical Point of Care software users, the coder will mark the documents for re-approval, “Mark R/A”.  Clinicians will see the marked documents in their Re-approval screen.  Review of document changes and re-approval must be completed by editing the document from the re-approval screen.

For Managed Hosting Clinical Software users the Coder will send the clinician a Notification.  The software will create the Notification using the Change sheet information and include any errors or warnings.  Clinicians will need Clinical Software version 2442 dated 5/26/16 in the Managed Hosting Environment.  Clinicians will see the Notification detailing the changes and any errors or warnings in their My Notices screen.  When the Notice is selected the Clinician will now see a new button “Open Document” in the upper right corner of the screen.  By selecting the “Open Document “button the assessment will open, the clinician can review the changes and when exiting can apply the final electronic approval.

A new PECOS file is available for download

Agencies and Clinicians using the Clinical Point of Care Software that utilizes the Data Pipe for data synchronization can now convert scheduled visits created in the main office to a Visit (Assessment) in the Clinical Point of Care software.  Agencies will need main Office software version 5962 dated 05/10/16 or later.  Clinical Point of Care software users must have version 2437 dated 05/10/16 or later.  Clinical software users will have available 7 days of scheduled visits that have been created in the Main Office software after downloading the most current data from the main office system.  The Clinician  can access the scheduled visits by selecting the blue colored ‘Schedules’ button found on the right side of the Clinical Patient Listing screen.  Upon opening the Schedules screen, the clinician will select the ‘Calendar’ button found in the top left of the screen.  Scheduled visits will display in date order with the current date at the top of the screen.

To convert a scheduled visit, the clinician will select the scheduled visit by placing the black arrow beside the record or highlighting the record blue that will be converted.  Once the record is identified, the clinician will select the button in the upper right corner of the screen, ‘Convert to Visit’.  The software will open the screen containing the billing information.  It is the same screen the clinician is used to when adding a visit assessment directly into the software.  The clinician can as they usually do, complete  the Time In, Time Out, Supply usage and ‘ADD’ the discipline specific type of note to access the data entry screens for documenting their visit note.

Upon Transmission of the Visit (Assessment ) to the Main Office,  the scheduled visit will be replaced by the Visit (Assessment).

For those agencies utilizing the Patient Signature Feature in the Clinical Point of Care Software, the ability to capture patient signatures on Assessments is now available with Clinical Software version 2437 dated 5/10/16.  Assessment activities are all documents added through the Assessment option to include, OASIS assessments and Physical Therapy Assessment, Occupational Therapy and Medical Social Worker Assessments and Hospice (CA) assessment.  Upon exiting the Assessment in the Point of Care software, with the assessment record highlighted in the patient activity screen, the ‘Sign’ button can be selected.  A new window will appear.  Select the ‘Patient Sign’ button and the capture screen will display.

Agencies will also need main Office software version 5962 dated 5/10/16 for the patient signature to be included on the print format available int he main system.

A new PECOS file is now available for download.

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