With the October 18th, 2016 clinical update there is a new tab at the top of the narrative section of skilled nursing assessments called “Progress Towards Goal.”  We added the section because we were hearing feedback from agencies stating that CMS is wanting to see that the nurse is reviewing the goals and documenting such.  We decided to make it a separate section, not only for the reason above, but it will soon tie into the interventions guides (care steps) recently added to the software.  If you election to use the intervention guides, and updates are made to the intervention guide items or its goals, the information will flow directly into the new narrative section.

A new tool has been added to Main Office Software Version 6033 dated 10/03/16 and to Clinical Point of Care Software Version 2490 dated 10/03/16 to assist agencies with coding/Diagnosis assignment with the ICD 10-CM code set update.  An ‘ICD Check’ (an actual check mark) button has been added to the patient diagnosis screen in the medical information  area and at the bottom of the View screen for OASIS (comprehensive and OASIS Only) and 485 Plan of Care Documents.  The button can also be found inside of the documents on the Diagnosis and Additional Diagnosis tab in the 485 Plan of Care and the M1021, M1023 tab/screen in OASIS documents.

Once selected, the button will open a screen and provide agencies with a summary of Primary, Secondary and Additional Diagnosis assigned.  Warnings will display if a diagnosis is duplicated, if diagnosis used is not valid for the date of the document such as a code invalid as of 10/01/16 was used for a document dated later then 10/01/16.  Diagnosis that no longer are assigned diagnosis groups or switched diagnosis groups for PPS billing will be identified.

Hospice agencies will meed main Office Software Version 6033 dated 10/03/16.  Hospice agencies will no longer use Transitional CBSA codes as of 10/01/16.  The software version update will provide the FY 2017 CBSA codes and wage index.  Agencies should NO LONGER utilize the check box in ANSI 5010 billing “Use Transition 2015 codes”.

Hospice Agencies using the software calculated Hospice rates for Routine, Continuous, Respite and General Inpatient charges will need Main Office software version 6033  to receive the FY 2017 hospice rates prior to generating charges for 10/1/2016 or later.

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