A new PECOS File is now available for download.

Available with Clinical point of care software version 2531 dated 01/24/17, Clinicians can create an incident report.  A new button has been added to the visit assessment screen where clinicians can currently create physician orders, progress notes and communication notes while also documenting their visit assessment.  The new button is labeled “I”.

Once Clinician complete documentation of the incident, Incident reports will display only in an administrative screen found in the main office software version 6090 dated 01/24/17.  The Incident report screen may be accessed through the Control Board/Pt Status and selecting the “!” tab.  Incident reports can be reviewed and updated with the results of the investigation into the incident.  Incident reports can also be printed for submission into state systems.

Incident Reports are not saved to or accessible through the patient medical record.

The most current version of the Main office and Clinical Point Of Care software dated 01/18/17 or later will update 14 day supervisory tracking.  The software will use Day one for counting the 14 days as the date following the date entered as the Last or Start date when Supervisory Visit tracking is initiated in the patient Demographics screen in the main Office software.  Therefore, if the date of the last supervisory visit was on a Tuesday the date for the next supervisory visit will also be on a Tuesday.

The software will automatically re-calculate the due date in the Supervisory Visit reminder screen for clinicians entering the Point of Care software.

Agencies who would like to recalculate the due date in the main Office software when using the Control Board/Pt Activities/Supervisory tab can select the “lightning-bolt” button that can be found on the upper left corner of the tab screen.

Agencies should be aware that Palmetto GBA has indicated all Home Health Claims submitted with episodes that cross the January 1, 2017 time point which may hold HCPCS codes G0163 and new codes G0493 and G0494, and/or G0164 and new codes G0495 and G0496 are being placed in T status.

Palmetto has indicated further instructions will be provided  through their Claims Payment Issues Log.

Agencies will need to have main office software version 6085 dated 01/13/17 prior to submitting OASIS xml files for patients who have no medications and M2001 has been answered NA- The patient is not taking any medication due to a bug with the skip pattern for M2010 in the Comprehensive OASIS documents only has been corrected.

Clinicians will need to update the Clinical Software to version 2529 dated 01/13/17.

Agencies will need main office software version 6083 dated 01/12/2017 or later prior to creating and submitting OASIS C2 XML files.

Agencies will need main office software version 6076 dated 01/05/2017 or later prior to creating and submitting OASIS C2 XML files.  Agencies creating OASIS C2 xml files with a prior main office version number will see their files rejected due to invalid item values in the xml file.  Main Office software version 6076 will correct the values.

Hospice agencies will need to use Condition Code 85 to demonstrate a late Recertification on Claims as of January 1, 2017.  Agencies will be required to include Occurrence Span Code 77 with the dates not covered due to the untimely recertification.

To accommodate the new requirement the screen in Patient/Insurance/Hospice/Certification periods has been updated.  Agencies will now have the ability to enter Occurrence Span Code 77 with dates of non-covered days with Condition code 85 for Late Recertification.  Instructions are also included to be sure to update the entered start date for the certification period to reflect the first day of covered services.  Agencies will then need to modify the number of days of the period by the number of non-covered days.  The through date for the billing certification period will then remain consistent with the certification period on the patient’s Hospice Plan of Care.

The updated Start date for the certification period where there is a late recertification will cause the Occurrence Code 27 date on the claim to not overlap the Occurrence Span Code 77 date range.  Medicare will deny claims with a late recertification if Occurrence Code 27 falls with in the occurrence Span Code date range.

The Hospice Initial Election date, Non-covered days and KX Modifier due to a late Notice of Election have also been moved to the Hospice Certification periods tab for convenience.  The fields will still remain on the Hospice/Election Certification tab and if populated there, will populate on the Certification Period tab.

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