Hospice Agencies will need Main Office Software version 6121 dated 03/27/17 and Clinical point Of Care Software version 2552 dated 03/28/17 for the updated HIS Admission and HIS Discharge effective April 1, 2017.  Agencies will need to complete the Patient Race found on each patient demographic screen by accessing the “R” button and marking all Races that apply.  The HIS Item A1000 has been added to the same section as M0140.  Agencies will also be required to complete the patient’s Payer Source A1400 for the HIS Admission.  The Item can be found only in the Main Office Software Patients/Insurance/Hospice/Election Certification and CAHPS tab.  If the patient’s zip code, where care is provided is different from the patient’s zip code entered as the address in the Demographics screen, an override can be found in the same location just above the A1400 item.

All new HIS Admission items have been added to the HIS Item set with skip patterns.

The His Discharge has been updated with an additional tab in the main Office software only to accommodate the new items.  Agencies should follow the previous instructions posted on Allegheny Messages related to setting up and updating services to accommodate the HIS Discharge Service Utilization.   The previous post was titled Required Set Up for New HIS Discharge Service Utilization Summary.  The post was Dated 02/21/20017.  Once Services are updated and visits by discipline are entered into the software, agencies will need only select the “Pull Patient Visits” button to populate the number of visits by specific discipline for the day of death and  up to 6 days prior to death.

There will be no new changes to creation of the HIS xml files.

A new PECOS file is now available for download.

The OG worksheet can now be accessed from the data entry screens of the 485/Plan of Care with Main Office Software Version 6120 dated 03/22/2017.  The OG Worksheet is a grey button that can be found at the top of the 485/Plan of Care data entry screen.  Once the OG Worksheet button is selected and the OG Worksheet Screens display agencies can develop or select Orders, labeled in red, and goals, labeled in blue.  Agencies will select the  ’Post  OG worksheet’ button in the Orders screen of  458/Plan of Care data entry screen to populate the selected or developed orders.  Agencies will select the ‘Post OG Worksheet’ button in the Goals screen of the 485/Plan of Care data entry screen to populate the developed Goals.

Helpful Hint:  When using the OG Worksheet to save any added data in the OG Worksheet screens , use the “TAB” key on your computer key board to move your cursor to the next data entry field and your previous data entry will be saved.

New fields in the 485/Plan of Care are available with Main office software version 6120 dated 03/22/2017 and Clinical Point of Care software version 2551 dated 03/22/2017 due to the new Conditions of Participation effective in July of 2017.  The Mental status section has been updated and can now be accessed by a new tab button found at the top of the 485/Plan of Care data entry screen labeled Mental Psych.  The new section will be labeled mental/Psychosocial and Cognitive status.  Agencies utilizing the Point of Care software Comprehensive assessments will see fields with a new red label in the Neuro/Psych system assessment section.  These red labeled fields will pull to the 485/Plan of Care when the 485/Plan of Care is created.  Additionally the Mental Behavioral status, Cognitive Performance, Social Skills data entry fields and  the memo field on the Neurological tab will also pull to the 485/Plan of Care when created from the comprehensive assessment.

The Goals screen has been updated to include also documentation of the Patient Goals and Expectations/ care preferences.

The Intervention Guide is now available with  Clinical Point of Care Software version 2550 dated 03/20/17 and Main Office Software  version 6119 dated 03/20/17.

Intervention Guide training video is now available.  If your agency has not received training video access, please contact Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.

The Intervention guide can be added at the patient’s Start of Care by the clinician using the point of care software.  The intervention guide can be found at the bottom of the New Activity screen accessed through the green plus button in each patient Activity screen.  Once the certification period is entered, Interventions can be populated by selecting the patient diagnosis or primary problem when the “add” button is selected.

Interventions are visit specific based upon evidence based best practice recommendations utilizing the nursing process with motivational interviewing techniques to promote patient engagement and self management. The software allows documentation of patient specifics/individualization for each intervention as needed as well as the ability to remove intervention not appropriate for the patient.  Interventions are available each visit as alerts in each of the system assessment sections.  Updates to each intervention can be completed each visit in the Alert screen which will automatically update the patient progress toward goals tab in the skilled nursing visit assessment.  Interventions can be used to document the interventions performed during the visit and patient response to previous interventions in the narrative section by using the Import Interventions button.  The plan for the next visit can be developed through the same import interventions button by using the Next check box column.

Goals for the patient episode can be imported into the Intervention Guide from the patient Plan of care.  Goals for the episode are available in the Intervention guide alerts screen in the skilled nursing visit assessments.  Updates can be entered for goals throughout the course of the episode.

All clinicians can add a Communication note to update the Intervention Guide from the alert screen by selecting the ‘Comm Note’ button providing a record of case management and care coordination by all clinicians and disciplines providing care to the patient.

The main Office software/Control Board/Pt Status/Intervention Guide tab  allows all patient Intervention guides to be reviewed and updated for Case conferences and interdisciplinary meetings.

The Intervention guide can assist agencies in meeting updated Condition of Participation clinical documentation requirements.

Future enhancements will be shortly available with automation of patient specific/individualized orders, teaching and goal creation for the Plan of care as well as including Patient identified goals for the episode of care.

Agencies who wish to establish their own agency specific interventions should contact Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.

Agencies will be well positioned to meet the new requirements in the Home Health Conditions of Participation through Allegheny Software Enhancements.

Detailed instructions for the enhancements and updates will be available through a button accessible from within the software with a version update available by the first week of April 2017.

Enhancements will be available for the development of a patient specific plan of care to include Orders, Patient Instruction and Teaching, and Goals to include patient strengths, care preferences and goals, patient designated responsible individual, primary caregiver and responsible practitioner following discharge from home health services, mental/ psycho social/ cognitive assessment , and risk for hospitalization.  Updates will include streamlined clinical documentation for interventions performed, patient/ caregiver response or changes in behavior, plan for next visit, ongoing progress toward goals as well as a multidisciplinary record of case management and care coordination activities.

Enhanced features and tracking to assist agencies in their development of Quality Assurance Improvement Programs to include Infections as well as Emergency Preparedness program will also be included.

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