Hospice agencies should update the main office software to version 6129 dated 04/18/17 and Clinical Point of Care software to version 2560 dated 04/18/17.  The latest version contains updates to the skip pattern in the HIS Admission items related to Pain.

Main Office Software version 6127 and Clinical Point of Care Software version dated 04/12/2017, now have programmed options available for selection in a new drop down for the Activity Grid Comments in Physician Orders.  The field continues to also allow direct data entry.  The new programmed options provide enhanced tracking for Infections, additional visit orders, lab work, and wound changes.  The Physician Order Activity Grid comments are visible in the patient Activity Grid, and in the Control Board/PT Activities/Physician Orders for real time tracking.  The Physician Order Listing reports includes Activity Grid Comments for historical tracking.

Agencies that may want to require Activity Grid Comment completion now have an override in Set Up/ System Overrides/485 Phys. Orders tab, under Physician Orders the last check box “Users must complete the activity grid comment field” can be marked.

Available with Clinical Point of care software version 2558 dated 04/07/2017, Physician orders added from inside a Start of Care Comprehensive OASIS Assessment will now default to a Verbal SOC special type.  The Physician Order Special type will default to Resumption of Care or Recertification when the physician order is added from inside the Resumption of Care or Recertification OASIS Comprehensive Assessments respectively.

Enhancements to the Create OASIS XML screen have been added with Main Office Software Version 6126 dated 04/06/2107.  The enhancements will assist agencies in tracking the acceptance of OASIS XML files submitted to CMS.  The Create OASIS XML screen can now be filtered by CMS Date.  Additionally the screen can be filtered for assessments not accepted at CMS utilizing a new check box to indicate the assessment was accepted.

Agencies upon receipt of their CMS Validation Report may filter the Create OASIS XML screen for just those assessments contained in the Validation report by entering the CMS date and “Loading” the screen.  Agencies can select the assessment accepted and select the Changes button found in the View screen.  The CMS Assessment ID remains available for agencies to enter the Assessment ID for those assessments accepted.  Additionally a check box has also been added.  Agencies may select the check box to indicate the assessment was accepted.

Both theCMS Assessment ID and the Accepted check box will display as new columns in the Create OASIS XML screen.

Agencies now have the ability to generate 2 or 3 print forms of a physician order with Main Office Software version 6124 dated 04/05/2017 and Clinical Point of Care Software version 2557 dated 04/05/2017.  Agencies providing care coordination for a patient with multiple physicians can continue to generate a physician order for an order change with a signature for the Physician making the order change.  The enhancement will allow agencies to also generate Information Copies to send as a notification of the order change to other ordering physicians for Care Coordination.   Two additional drop down fields have been added in the Physician order to generate the Information Copy of an order change to send to other physicians who may also be actively ordering services for an agency patient.  The field is ” Info Copy”.  Agencies will enter the other physician(s) from the agency database the agency needs to notify of an order change.  The Print copy with the physician signature line would be retained for the Physician listed on the order itself for the physician to sign like usual.  The software will now also print additional Information Copy to any physician listed in the new Info Copy fields.  The Copy will include notation of the ordering physician with notation “Original order was sent to”.  No signature line will be included on the Information copy.

Main Office Software Version  6123 Dated 04/03/2017 Agencies may generate a 270 Eligibility file for DC Medicaid.  The file will require completion of Patient specific data entry in the software to include, the patient ID and Name, Primary Insurance, Insurance ID, Date of Birth, and Gender.

Eligibility files can be generated in the Billing module/ ANSI 270 Eligibility button.  Required fields for completing the Report Parameters screen include:  Type of Eligibility file to Create should be selected as ANSI 270 Electronic (CMS),  the Type of ANSI File should display D.C.Medicaid, The Insurance Company field will need to contain the Insurance Company from the agency set up, and the Date Range.

Agencies will also need to  enter the first letter for a range of the patient names to be included in the file.  DC Medicaid allows only 90 patients per file.  Depending on the number of patients in the agency data base to have the eligibility check, a file for a limited alphabetical range may be needed.

Clinical Point of Care Software version 2556 dated 04/03/2017 will contain enhancements to the Patient Demographics and Medical Information screens.  In the Patient Demographics, enhanced Alerts and precautions are now available.  An Additional field to document 2 Pharmacies for a Patient in the Physician screen has been added.  A patient selected Funeral Home documentation field is now available int he Medical Information screen.  Emergency Contact screen has been updated to include designations for two of the Emergency contacts to check POA and DPOAHC.  Two additional Other Contacts and the Patient Next of Kin has been added.

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