Main Office software version 6187 dated 08/17/17 and Clinical Point of Care software version 2601 dated 08/17/17 provide updated data entry fields in the Emergency Contacts screen to indicate which Emergency Contact is a Designated or Legal Representative through check boxes for POA, Durable Attorney for Health Care (DPOAHC), or Patient Representative. New Conditions of Participation require Notice of Patient Rights to be provided to the patient Legal Representative and any designated patient representative. Agencies may now create a Communication Note in both the Main office or Clinical Point of Care software with a Special Type of ‘Notice of Patient Rights’. A button will then display ‘Import Notice Copies’. When selected the software will import all Emergency Contacts marked as the POA, DPOAHC or Patient Representative with entered address as needing mailed copies. The Main office can track these Communication notes through Listing/Communication Listing or through the Control Board/PT Activities/ Communication tab. Print Control provides the opportunity to Print the ‘Notice of Patient Rights’ Communication note for individual with address where Patient Rights will need to be mailed. Tracking is available through Print control for recording the date sent and, in the event the Rights are needed returned with a signature, a Return Date.

A new PECOS file is now available for download.

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