The Emergency Disaster Plan as established in the Comprehensive Assessment will now be included on the Assessment print form with Main Office Software Version 6231 dated 11/14/17 and Clinical Point of Software version 2634 dated 11/14/17. Comprehensive assessments completed previously will need to be re-opened to refresh the Print form to include the Emergency Disaster Plan.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

Available with Main Office software version 6227 dated 11/03/17 Training videos are available for download. Agencies may download all available training videos. Select Training Videos from the Main menu screen. Select the “Download recent HHC3000 videos” button on the next screen to display. Download may take a moderate amount of time to complete the entire process. After the download is complete, all training videos will display. Highlight desired training video and select the Open Button. An additional screen will display where the agency can save the training video to a location on the agency computer. Enter the folder or directory location where the video is to be saved.

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