A new Communication note type, Falls, has been added to the Communication note types with Main Office software version 6381 and Clinical Point of Care software version 2731 both dated 11/12/18.
A Falls Communication note generated when a patient has a fall can be tracked in the Main office software through the Control Board or the Communication note Listing. Clinicians utilizing the Clinical Point of Care Software can count and review any entered details utilizing the Document log in order to respond to the New OASIS D item J1800 and J1900 related to any Patient falls since SOC/ROC with the corresponding number for Falls with No injury, Injury and Major Injury.

Pennsylvania agencies submitting reports to HHA EXchange to meet the EVV requirements should have Main Office Software Version 6380 dated 11/07/18. The update will include an additional check box in the ANSI 5010 Billing screen when marking the check box to ‘Create an HHA Exchange csv after report prints’ to also mark the ‘V4′ check box. The V4 is the latest output format version that is currently required.

Agencies receiving errors when accessing the Employee database in Main system HHC 3000 software will need the most current software version 6379 dated 11/07/2018.

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