Please be advised, that recent versions of AVG Free have introduced an incompatibility between AVG Free and the standard FTP protocol during long FTP transactions. This incompatibility may result in failures of FTP transactions such as obtaining updates or synchronizing clinical data in the clinical software.

Due to a lack of configuration options in the Free version of AVG’s anti-virus software, the only way to circumvent the¬†incompatibility¬†is to uninstall the AVG Free software. If you are utilizing AVG Free, we recommend that you select a different anti-virus software that can allow for the configuration necessary for long FTP transactions to be allowed.

If you are not experiencing problems with FTP transactions (obtaining updates or transferring data to/from the clinical software) and you are using AVG Free, you may continue to use AVG Free until such time that you do experience these problems. You are likely not experiencing these problems yet because you are still using an older version of their software.

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