Changes to the previously posted instructions are needed to correct Ohio Medicaid ANSI billing for referring and rendering physicians.  The Main office software must be updated to Version 5648 dated 1/27/15.  In the Insurance data base under the ANSI tab, Additional Items tab for the appropriate payer, there is a new section labeled 2420E Rendering Provider.  The check box for ‘Add 2420E Rendering Provider Segment must be marked.  In section labeled 2310 B, C, D, F Other Rendering Provider Information remove the check mark in ‘Add Referring Physician if Different from Rendering 1:2310F.  If the check box for ‘Add 2310 B Rendering Provider segment Loop’ was marked prior to the previous instructions, it may be left marked.  If this ckeck box was marked due to the previous instructs, please remove the check.

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