Available with Main Office Software version 5655, Allegheny Software Publishers has added the required data entry fields for Hospice CAHPS Survey reporting.  The data entry fields are located for each Hospice patient in the Patient data base/ Insurance button/Insurance Companies tab/ Hospice tab/ Election, Certification, CAHPS Survey tab.  The required data entry fields are found at the bottom of the screen.  The software will also utilize and pull the HCPCS code for the Place of Service that is entered as the Default HCPCS but will also check and utilize the last Place of Service HCPCS documented in the Non-Routine Levels of Care tab.  Agencies may begin entering required data at this time.  Allegheny Software Publishers anticipates screens to perform file creation will be available in the next several weeks.  Allegheny Software Publishers has heard from agencies who have chosen Hospice CAHPS Survey Vendors Deyta, DSS Research, FAZZI, and Strategic Health Programs (SHP) and obtained needed file specifications.  If your agency  has chosen another Hospice CAHPS Survey Vendor, please contact Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.

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