Agencies and Clinicians using the Clinical Point of Care Software that utilizes the Data Pipe for data synchronization can now convert scheduled visits created in the main office to a Visit (Assessment) in the Clinical Point of Care software.  Agencies will need main Office software version 5962 dated 05/10/16 or later.  Clinical Point of Care software users must have version 2437 dated 05/10/16 or later.  Clinical software users will have available 7 days of scheduled visits that have been created in the Main Office software after downloading the most current data from the main office system.  The Clinician  can access the scheduled visits by selecting the blue colored ‘Schedules’ button found on the right side of the Clinical Patient Listing screen.  Upon opening the Schedules screen, the clinician will select the ‘Calendar’ button found in the top left of the screen.  Scheduled visits will display in date order with the current date at the top of the screen.

To convert a scheduled visit, the clinician will select the scheduled visit by placing the black arrow beside the record or highlighting the record blue that will be converted.  Once the record is identified, the clinician will select the button in the upper right corner of the screen, ‘Convert to Visit’.  The software will open the screen containing the billing information.  It is the same screen the clinician is used to when adding a visit assessment directly into the software.  The clinician can as they usually do, complete  the Time In, Time Out, Supply usage and ‘ADD’ the discipline specific type of note to access the data entry screens for documenting their visit note.

Upon Transmission of the Visit (Assessment ) to the Main Office,  the scheduled visit will be replaced by the Visit (Assessment).

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