Pennsylvania agencies submitting reports to HHA EXchange to meet the EVV requirements should have Main Office Software Version 6380 dated 11/07/18. The update will include an additional check box in the ANSI 5010 Billing screen when marking the check box to ‘Create an HHA Exchange csv after report prints’ to also mark the ‘V4′ check box. The V4 is the latest output format version that is currently required.

Agencies will need Main Office software version 6365 dated 10-3-2018 or later when running the Payroll 941 Liability Report. Updates have corrected the report output for employees who have made more than $84,900 in 2018.

A new Security Report is now available in the Main Office software. The new Report can be found in Set Up/ System Security/ Security Reports. The Report is called Document in/Out Date and Time. The report provides an audit trail for every time an employee edits and closes a Comprehensive Visit or Assessment in the software. The report will also total the amount of time spend on each record. The report may be run by Data range and for a specific Employee.

A new data entry field is available in the Employee database HR Events tab at the top of the screen to enter an Employee Medicaid ID with Main Office Software version 6312 dated 05/01/2018 or later. The new field may be used by those agencies where State Medicaid Programs are requiring Employees to obtain Medicaid ID’s. Tracking for any required renewals will continue to be available through HR Events.
The Employee User Defined Listing Report parameter screen contains a check box include any Medicaid ID in the generated report.

A new training video on the new Conditions of Participation is now available for viewing. The training video will review software enhancements to assist agencies in meeting the new Conditions of Participation requirements for Care Planning and Coordination, Patient Rights, Supervision to be implemented January 2018 and Infection Surveillance to be implemented July 2018. If your agency has not been set up with training video access, please contact Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.

Main Office Software version 6127 and Clinical Point of Care Software version dated 04/12/2017, now have programmed options available for selection in a new drop down for the Activity Grid Comments in Physician Orders.  The field continues to also allow direct data entry.  The new programmed options provide enhanced tracking for Infections, additional visit orders, lab work, and wound changes.  The Physician Order Activity Grid comments are visible in the patient Activity Grid, and in the Control Board/PT Activities/Physician Orders for real time tracking.  The Physician Order Listing reports includes Activity Grid Comments for historical tracking.

Agencies that may want to require Activity Grid Comment completion now have an override in Set Up/ System Overrides/485 Phys. Orders tab, under Physician Orders the last check box “Users must complete the activity grid comment field” can be marked.

OASIS Outcome and Process Measures report is now available with main Office Software Version 6064 dated 12/20/2016.  The OASIS Outcome and Process measure Report can be found in Listing Reports/OASIS.  The report will allow agencies to track the status of the OASIS Outcome and Process measures.  On the Print form, measures included in the 5 Star Rating will have an asterisk.  Upon accessing the report parameter screen, agencies will note the Timely Initiation of Care will be automatically marked to be included in the report.  Agencies can mark manually which further measure they would like included on the report.  The Check Box to “add a SOC for Patient’s not yet discharged” will include those patient’s whose only completed assessment is a Start of Care in the Timely Initiation of Care reporting.

A new security report is now available in System Security/ Security Reports for tracking software user Log in and Log out by date and time with main office software version 6014 dated 08/23/16.  The must be generated with a parameter specifying a specific employee for a specific date range.

Server based agencies will be able to track Main Office software users Log In and Log Out by date and time.

Agencies accessing the software in the Managed Hosting Environment ( accessing the software through the internet) will be able to track both Main office and Clinical Point of Care user log In and Log out times by date.  Users with a recorded log in time and date and no recorded log out time did not log out of the software prior to closing the internet screen.

The ability to generate Hospice CAHPS Survey files based upon data entered in the Patient database/Insurance button/Hospice tab/CAHPS tab will be available with the software version update released at the end of the business day today, 2/09/2015.

Agencies utilizing the sever based Main office software whose Referral, Admission and Discharge reports are generating with no information, will need to update the Main office software with the software version released at the end of the business day today, 2/54/2015.  This version will correct and generate the reports with the requested data.

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