Available with Main office software version dated 8/18/15 or later ICD 10 Code fields will be available in the Additional Diagnosis tab in the 485 Document.  Fields for Transitional ICD 10 codes have been available with previous version updates for the Primary and Secondary Diagnosis in the 485.  The Transitional ICD 10 codes will be included on the Print Form for non-Medicare 485′s.  The ICD 10 codes will print with the label, “ICD 10 Transition Diagnosis Effective 10/12015″, for 485′s whose Certification period will cross the October 1, 2015 time point.  The Transitional codes are included on the print form for Fee for Service Payers who may require Clinical Documentation and when providers request authorizations for dates of service 10/1/2015 or later.

Main and Clinical Software version updates performed on or after 8/18/15 will require additional restructuring for ICD 10 implementation.  This is a one time event.

Main office software updates may take up to an additional 30 minutes to perform the restructure.  Agencies with a large volume of comprehensive documentation may take up to 3 hours or more.  Please allow the additional time frame,  based upon the volume of documentation, to complete the update.  Once the responsible employee completes the update process, they must open the software.  Restructuring will then begin.  No other employee should open the software during the restructure.  Opening the software during the restructure will cause errors and require additional technical support.  Agencies utilizing the Clinical Point of Care software with the data pipe for data synchronization, will need to turn off the data pipe while the restructure is occurring.

Clinical software updates will also require restructuring.  Clinical software restructures may take up to 5 minutes to complete.  Clinicians will be asked to restructure upon opening the clinical software after the update to the current version number has been completed.  Clinicians should select the ‘YES’ option in the window with the prompt to restructure.

Available with Main Office software version 5795 dated 8/5/15 an additional field has been added to Services, Insurance Company Rates, Rates tab for agencies invoicing Ohio Medicaid.  Agencies in Ohio who report on claims a consistent visit billing rate for all invoiced visits that matches the reported rate on their Medicare claims can now enter this billing dollar amount in the new field “Invoice Rate Override”.  The Invoice Rate Override will display as the visit dollar amount on invoices.  The set up screens for Ohio Medicaid Tier rates and Unit Alternatives should remain completed as previously instructed for the software to calculate the actual units and payment dollar amounts.  The software will calculate the difference between the Invoice total using the Invoice Rate Override value and the actual visit amount calculated with the tier rates.  The difference will post as a contractual allowance when AR is updated.

Available with Main Office software version 5790 dated 7/31/15, a button has been added to the top of the Patient Activity screen allowing users to add a Missed Visit record.  When the missed Scheduled Visit is highlighted in the Patient Activity grid, a button will display at the top with a picture of two pieces of paper and MV.  If the Scheduled Visit was missed, the software will offer the Missed Visit Record for completion when the button is selected.  Upon exiting the Missed Visit record the software will provide agencies with the option to Delete the Scheduled Visit record.  If ‘Yes’ is selected the highlighted Scheduled Visit will be deleted.  The Missed Visit record will remain.

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