OCS HomeCare was added to the vendor drop-down options in the CAHPS survey report.

Under insurance company maintenance we added three new taxonomy codes for billing purposes:

  • 385HR2050X – Medicaid Waiver
  • 101YA0400X – Behavior Health / Substance Abuse
  • 261QR0405X – Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

We added a new payroll report showing, by employee for a range of dates, their total gross regular pay, gross overtime pay, additional gross pay, total gross pay and mileage paid.

Available on version 4548 will be a change to the Referral Listing to print the Referral Person, Facility Name and Sales Rep. even if the Referral is not classified as ‘Other’.  This was an agency user request.

Available on version 4543 is a filter that we added to allow you to exclude the Patient Phone number from printing on the Employee Work Schedule Report.

Available on Version 4543 is a correction for an error when running the Patient Census Report.  The error stated “DbVisits Type Mismatch Field DIAG_PT1 Exception: Small Int Actual: Float”

Medicare Hospice claims and notices of election require that the certifying physician appear in field 79 on a UB04 in addition to the attending physician which appears in field 76.  Changes have been made in HHC3000 to accommodate this requirement.  In the Patients / Physicians screen you will see that the 4th physician screen tells you to enter the certifying physician in that field if different that the attending (primary) physician.  If the attending and certifying physician are the same you do not need to enter it twice.  If they are the same the system will put the primary physician in both fields 76 and 79 if billing Medicare Hospice.

It has been brought to our attention that under the new health care reform law, under section 6407, home health agencies will be responsible for assuring that physicians or other practitioners who refer a patient for home health or hospice recertification had a face-to-face encounter with the patient. Apparently, the encounter can’t be more than six months prior to referral.   One agency has suggested adding wording to the certification section of the 485 to the effect that the physician or acceptable person from the physician’s employment  as had a face-to-face encounter with six months.  We would like your suggestions on how this might be accomplished.  You can fax us at 814 834-9355 or e-mail me davef@softhhc.com.  Thanks.

Available when version 4540 goes out will be a change to the Missed Visit Report that gives you the ability to filter the report to exclude Missed Visits that have a Returned Date.

In Other-Setup / System Overrides / Security we added an override so that the system will not warn the user if the visit hours do not equal the billed hours.

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