When performing a software update sometimes at the end of the update a message will appear telling you the computer needs to be restarted in order for the changes to take place. DO NOT RESTART THE COMPUTER. Select the option that will not restart the computer. The message is in error and sometimes the system will remove the software executable file, which means no one will be able to get into the software. You may get this same message on clinical updates.

We have just put out update version 4926 which changes the 2012 federal social security withholding to 4.2% which is the same rate as 2011. We had to wait until the last minute untill congress approved the 4.2% extension into 2012. We had previously changed the program to reverted back to the 6.2% rate until the extension was approved. Unfortunately, the 4.2% is currently only a 2 month extension. If congress does not extend the rate for the rest of the year we will have to make extensive payroll changes to the program to handle two different rates within the same year. We will wait and address this issue in February, 2012.

Palmetto GBA has informed us that we have just been approved as a software vendor for ANSI 5010 production claims. It will take them about 24 hours to complete the process on their end. For agencies that do not want to test on their own they can use our submitter id and/or vendor id to request production status for ANSI 5010 claim. Our submitted id is VS4092 and our vendor id is 1090SE. Thanks for your patience during the ANSI 5010 changeover.

Recently we were testing some screen resolution changes and an update was released where some buttons inside of comprehensive assessments were getting partially cut off.

Version 2071 on the HHC3000 Clinical and Version 4923 on the HHC3000 (office software) correct this issue.

We have successfully ANSI 5010 tested with CIGNA and will soon appear on the approved vendor list once the paperwork is completed. They have asked us to provide them with a list of our agencies that submit to CIGNA along with their submitter ids. It would help us if you could provide us with your agency name and Medicare submitter id by email to davef@softhhc.com, fax at 814 834-9355, or by calling us at 800 527-7213. We need this information to make sure your submitter id is moved to production status for ANSI 5010 billing without you having to test. We would like this information by next Tuesday, December 20. If you have submitted tests on your own, make sure you notify CIGNA that the tests have passed and that you are moved to production status per the CMS instructions.

With the change over to ANSI 5010 for electronic claims (835), several insurance companies have discontinued sending any response files that are readable. Instead they are only sending 999 submission acceptance files or more commonly 277CA claim status files. The 999 file tells if the file in total is in the correct format for them to accept. The 277 CA file is generated if the electronic billing file is accepted and tell which claims were accepted or rejected. Both of these files are at best hard to read and very often extremely hard to decifer.

The insurance company EDI departments are telling agencies to contact their software vendor if they cannot read these files. Because of this we made some changes. In the billing module there has been a button to print ANSI files (of all types). We have changed the label to say “Print ANSI 835, 277, 997, 999, RSP.” We have tried our best to print the file in a format that will allow user to understand the files, especially the 277 type files. In order to read and understand the 999 file users will have to print the original 835 electronic billing file to read along side the 999 acceptance file if the file is rejected. We hope these changes will help. Thanks.

We have been officially notified by the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Program that we have passed the HIPAA 5010 testing as a software vendor. Agencies using HHC3000 do not have to test individually for ANSI 5010. They just need to start sending their electronic claims using ANSI 5010 as of January 1, 2012.

Just a couple of updates. For Pennsylvania Medical Assistance we have sent some files as a vendor that were accepted. We should be on the approved vendor list in the near future. We should will appear on the Palmetto Medicare approved vendor list in the near future.

We have agencies that have tested and been approved for Cigna Medicare but have not kept a log of who was approved. If you have been approved for Cigna Medical we would appreciate it if you would let us know. We need to provide them with some provider numbers of approved agencies so that we can be added to their approved vendor list. Thanks.

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