We have completed the Speech Therapy assessments which we will be including in one of the updates this week.  We will inform you when that update is available.  We took the approach similar to the PT and OT Progress Notes except that there are more options in the type of assessment drop down box.  After selecting to add a visit assessment, you will select to add Speech Therapy.  Once inside the speech therapy assessment, the first field is the “Type of Assessment.”  The drop down options will include:  ST Progress Note, ST Dysphagia Visit , ST Cognative Language Visit, ST Speech Language Visit, ST Functional Assessment, ST Evaluation Assessment.

A new Pediatric/New Born assessment is nearing completion and will become available hopefully next week.  Next on our priority list for clinical forms are a Hospice Bereavement Assessment and a Spiritual Assessment.

The new Ohio employee withholding rates that became effective September 1, 2013, are included with the most recent software version that was made available today.  This new rates should overall reduce the employee withholding by approximately 8.5 %.

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